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I am a french expat in Belgium, and I am currently working on a project : a radio show (podcast) in english, a science-fiction story called "ManOnTheMoon" (influenced by Douglas Adams' H2G2, the Monty Pythons and Simon Pegg & Nick Frost's works).
I'd like to meet an english person who could help me with the texts (and this outrageous accent of mine !) and who'd like to be a part of this project as one of the characters' voice.

So if you're interested and like to know more about it, don't hesitate to contact me.


Hi ManOnTheMoon!

Maybe you should post an advert in the jobs section of Belgium classifieds.
It might be helpful!


Ok, thanks, even though it's not really a job (there's no money to make here) but just a way to meet people and have fun and becoming famous and... sorry, I was just dreaming...

Thanks anyway.

Hey I am not sure what you mean by help with txts but I have both studied and perfromed in radio dralas over the last 2 years and would be intrested with helping you by playing a part in it as I have had a little exprince in produceing and making radip radio dramas and ive acted in 4 thanks Hannah


Hi, I've replied to your PM in regard to this project and would be delighted to get involved, depending on free time/availability of course. ;)

Kind Regards


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