Is there somebody living in Hasselt or Diepenbeek

hi, this is so boring living in hasselt, is there somebody living in here, so we can make friends

Spent 4 years living there before I moved to Lommel..
believe me, Hasselt is a much more 'active' little city than a lot of places in Belgium. There is plenty to do there
* Cinema 15 minute walk from center
* Go Kart Track 10 minute drive
* Bowling alley/pool hall/climbing wall/gym 5 minute drive from center (Olympia)
* Gyms in the center (health city and a new one opening beside Media Markt)
* Plenty of nice cafe's there;
The Himelreck (forgive the spelling) has over 300 beers
Carpe Diem (Maastrichterstraat) has a pool table and is owned by an ex-pat (A friend of mine, also Irish)
*The Irish Times pub (if you are into paying way over the odds for beer and love tourist traps, but it does show the UK football)
* The Egel (plastic paddy irish pub, good craic though and a nice pint of reasonably priced Guinness)

Lots of really good restaurants;
Level Due (italian place on the shopping street)
Tasty Bowl (Very good value thai place on the Fruitmarkt, right by the church)
The Orangarie (little more expensive than other places but great food)

I'm sure that I've missed loads, believe me though Hasselt is not the worst place in the world to be stuck

Thanks for your suggestions!!!!

jerry505 wrote:

Thanks for your suggestions!!!!

No problem at all.
I'll let you know when I am in Hasslet next (I'm there fairly regularly) and if you want I'll show you some of the places to go

That's a nice list Jemmy12! I grew up in that area and was a student at the university of Diepenbeek.
It depends on what he's searching for though...

There is also:
- The Ethias Arena (Host of major events in Belgium)
- Pukkelpop Festival (Kiewit)
- Plopsaland indoor (for kids)
- Jenever, Hasselt kermis (fair)

I live in Hasselt. :D

I am going to travel to Belgium soon, I have been accepted as PhD student at Hasselt university. I hope I can make friends their, and to find some one tell me about living in there as well.

I hope Nabilah Noordin, Jemmy12, jerry505  to be friend with you