Change in Iqama profession

Hi all. Heard that change in Iqama profession from General operator to Engineer stopped now. Any updates on this please..

Hi Laksh
Service to change profession has been halted , not sure when will the authorities re open the process.

Its heard that Iqama change has resumed and one can change their iqama profession, can anyone confirm?

I hope it is true.

But I didn't hear anything.

Please if anyone has info from any reliable source, do share.

i think it started coz i checked on the website which i usually see from time to time and now there is changes.. i mean before it would say service temporarily available but now when i check it says to log in. which is absolutely a good sign for us who are waiting for an update. try to check for the Hrs they are the only ones who are having access to this.

Just now our GRO checked the system , but nothing positive . still the same .

brother forget about system. Check other sources..
I heard back door is open, you can change it!

I have also heard it backdoor its open few days back I contact that person His name Mohamed al dosarry .But he asked me to advance payment 1000 Riyal and I was a plan to meet him but he never came and meet me.Anyone try and got positive then kindly share with this group

he seems fake!

Many times i wanted to talk to him but he is not responding. he texted me many times that he will call me back with in hour but never did.

Guys please update anything related to this guy.

Payment in advance that too when you never met this guy will be suicidal.. :D

Just keep updating guys please!

And pray & hope for the best!

hello! any update about the profession change? has anyone get to changed their professions?

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development (MOLDC) is offering a service to amend the profession as of Sunday, in preparation for implementing the service according to the new criteria of "career matrix" at the beginning of the next Hijri year. The ministry's official spokesman Khalid Abaalkhil said that the service of modifying the new professions that will be implemented at the beginning of the new Hijri year allows the change of professions in light of a number of rules that are in line with international classifications. An automated system will be submitted through the ministry's electronic services portal. The system should verify the matrix related to the prevention of occupational change and verify the application of the different labor rules to the migrant worker who is required to change his profession and the new profession. The official pointed out that the system allows integration service with the Saudi Organization for Engineers, the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties and the Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants to verify that the worker obtains a certificate of practicing a profession if the new profession is from engineering professions, health professions or accounting professions. , And there will be flexibility in adding any future reference bodies. He added that the ministry looks forward to the contribution of this service to the organization of the labor market and providing quality service to the beneficiaries, which raises the quality of the professions and improve the data related to them, thus contributing to the formulation of policies based on data of high statistical quality.

Assalamu Alaikum   
Change of profession is open or not
Please tell me. I want change my profession from Labour to Salesman

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