Rural rental Hamilton

Hello everyone, this is my first time writing.

My wife, our baby and I are moving to New Zealand in early 2018. We will be starting out in Hamilton
as my wife will be working in the hospital.  We would like to find a quiet and very rural place to rent outside the city, but the real estate websites (including trade me) only seem to offer rental options within the city or nearby Cambridge.  Any advice?  We aren't moving to the other side of the world just to get stuck in another city.  We want something outside of the suburbs with a bit of garden space and (hopefully) pet friendly!
Thanks in advance for any helpful advice!


Hi there,
Tamahere is south of Hamilton city, about 15 minutes drive from CBD, I consider rural, it is a good area. There are a few property for rent there, just google it have a look.

Hi Daniel

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There are rural properties for rent around Hamilton. Use good old Google and try 'rental properties Rototuna'  also try Tamahere, or just rural rentals Waikato.

Hey there.
Thanks for the advice!
We were actually looking aroud there already as the location seems to fit what we were hoping for. But after spending time searching online, we found very little available.
We are looking for a small house with a lawn or garden. Kid friendly (and hopefully) pet friendly. Hoping to pay 350pw or less..
does that sound like it fits anything you know of in your area?

Thanks again!


Probably be more like $380 a week. Try  or

Yeah, 380pw is ok.
Ive searched: google, trade me, real, harcourts, ray white and for Facebook groups and pages related to the topic.
Ive seen a few tempting listings, but far fewer than i would have expected..

This is simply supply and demand. As rental prices have risen in the cities then the demand for rural properties has risen along with prices.

I would suggest registering with real estate agents for a rental.

yeah, I understand.

Ok, thanks! I'll look into it.