hi -

we are looking to relocate to Auckland and have started with the paper work for relocation and visas.  My wife is a kiwi so i am applying for a Family Work Visa.  We have two kids and a dog.  I have been researching housing and am hoping for some insight here. 

We would like to be in the the City Center or Howick area as I will be working in the city as well as needing access to the airport (north shore is nice but seems difficult to get into the city from).  Any other recommendations will be greatly accepted.

We are looking to rent in an area that later on we will want to buy in so as our kids (age 7 and 2) do not need to transfer school.  With that in mind what are the good areas for school that are also somewhat affordable for rent? Trying to stay at about $500 NZ pw and looking for a house/townhouse that is well heated and insulated (i have been reading about how cold houses get)

Also, I am finding it very frustrating to get a read on housing costs as 90% of listings are either auctions/negotiations. I am sure that there are ways to get some idea of costs but I have not been able to find it (except for some very costly reports that I do not care to pay for).

Does anyone have a real estate person that they can recommend for me to contact? Ideally someone that has worked with Expats and can assist with people in this situation.

I have seen calculators that try and give you cost of living estimates but can anyone really shed some light onto this?  We are a family of four that will need one, if not two, cars as well as all the modern conveniences like internet, satellite, cell phones etc. On top of the rent about how much should be budgeted for cost of living?

As far as bringing in electrical equipment (computers, TV's, stereos etc.) has anyone used transformers for the currency conversion or are we going to need to buy all new gear (ouch).

Thank you so much for reading through this and any information will be very much appreciated!!

Have a great day and thank you again.

david hofflich
los angeles, california

Hi David

This might help a bit - you have probably already seen this. Good luck with the move.


thanks hohoho2010 - i am aware of zoodle and have played around on it - however it seems like in order to get any real info you need to pay per listing. 

thanks for the good wishes -