How hard is it to be accepted for or find good rental properties in NZ

Hi all!
I am moving from the UK to NZ and will arrive in August of this year!!
I would like to live in Dunedin- I am a nurse and will be applying for jobs once I am in NZ.
I am after a few tips on how easy (or difficult) it is to be able to be approved for rental properties and how long this could take?
I am unsure how long to book short term accomodation for whilst I look. It would be a 2 bedroom place for me and my partner.
I would prefer to view properties once I am in NZ as I am aware not everything looks like its pictures!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

thanks :)

I suggest you look at Airbnb for a period of time so that you can check out long term rentals.
On online search may help but you do need to be here on the ground to check things out.
Once here you can contact real estate agencies for rentals.