Ciao from Rome!

Hi y'all,

My husband and I are planning a 3 month stay in NZ from dec-feb. We thought of staying in Auckland, where hopefully we don't need a car to move around and can use public transportation.
Any specific areas you would recommend for serviced apartments? we would love to have a sea view but at the same time,move around without renting a car. If you have any other suggestions rather than Auckland we are open to anything.

Grazie and Ciao for now! :D:)

Hopefully someone will get back to you with info on where to stay in Auckland, and I think the bus system is OK.  But do you intend to stay in Auckland for three months????????? :o Have you friends and family there? 
How do you propose to spend your time?  NZ cities are just not that big by european standards (more like large towns in comparison to where I used to live)  But at least you are near an airport.

Thank you so much for writing back:) Do you think 3 months in auckland is too much????:sosad:  we would be working(we have our own online company)/visiting around. Would u say it's best to spend time in different towns? we have no family no friends in Auckland(yet ;))
could Auckland be used as a base then to move around?

Hi there.. Auckland is a beautiful city but it's very relaxing as compared to European cities.  If you enjoy big city lifestyle you'll probably get bored of Auckland after 2 months but other than that it's a beautiful place to stay as it's quieter. You mentioned that you prefer to stay where you can easily move around without renting a car and also have a sea view?  I would suggest renting an apartment or a little unit by Mission Bay as it's very close to the centre of Auckland.  Bus transportation from Mission Bay is easy access.   It only takes 15 minutes by bus and car.  There's another place where you can stay and have a sea view, which is in North Shore such as Takapuna, which is also nice there.  Takapuna is about 20-25 mins away from the city without traffic by bus or car.  Enjoy your stay here;)) Feel free to ask more questions!