Applying for my Visa

Is it customary for the French Consulate to spend six weeks on a Visa application??
Not to mention they keep requesting I send them more documents, et it’s always the same documents!!! I’m supposed to leave in 10 days et I still do not have my Visa, et worse my passport.... what should I do??

It does look like Australia can take 2 months for long-stay visas, and that clock starts ticking once they have all the documents they want ( … ss-my-visa).
Also, as frustrating as it is, it is not unusual for France to ask for the same document multiple times. Usually the problem is that it isn't "readable enough" - after multiple requests, we decided to include a letter explaining that the original is just not very clear - they took that.
I hate to say it, but I don't have any advice.
Good luck, fingers crossed...

Merci beaucoup

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