Employment pass application status " return to Company"

hi friends,
               Iam from india. I attended a job interview in india for HVAC technician in a malaysian firm through a job consultancy in india . I got selected and they asked for all the documents copy and all. The consultant said the company has applied for a visa and sent me a link to check the visa status https://esd.imi.gov.my/portal/application-status/. when i checked first time the status was 'defferal'. But for the last 10 days the status is 'return to company'. can anyone explain me what does the status means and how long will it take to get the visa approval.

It means there is a problem with the application (it is incomplete or not suitable for approval). The company will need to take remedial action and resubmit.

To be honest, your job area probably would not need a foreigner to be recruited. This may be the problem.

Hopefully you have not paid any fees.

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