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I submitted my application last september 7 and they said that it will just take 3 weeks for it to be processed or to have the result as per the email my husband got when he asked a question. But its been 3weeks already and we havent got any answers yet. Also, is it really like that where they did not get your biometrics, picture ,etc for visa since its for long stay? Hope you can help me and give me some info about it because Im turning 6 months pregnant this october and I think,  you wont be able to travel once your on 3rd trimester already. Not sure.
Hope your experiences from the same matter will help me.Thanks.

Your question is not clear, best way still to call and confirm from them.

Are you already in Norway?  Why do you need to travel?  If you are already in Norway, you can stay in Norway while waiting for your family unification results.

How long it takes to process family unification can varies depending on applicant's circumstances?  Based on my own experience, it took me approximately 3 months in Oslo.  I have a job and was previously holding skilled worker visa.  I am married to a norwegian and we have a daughter together.

You should call UDI and ask.  Sometimes they might needs photos and if you call and ask, they will tell you and you can mail them the photos they need.

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