My name is raj and am from kenyan muslim and i want to marry a lady from philippines but she has not yet converted to islam.I just want to know is it possible for her to convert and get the certificate of conversion and what are the requirements for us to get married after she has converted.We are both holding the residence permit.

Congratulation Raj,

First i don"t think she need to be converted, neither the certificate it is upon her convictions,
Second, U have only - both - to make marriage in law, means u go and check with your or her embassy what should be the procedure to flow.

Finally, Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness

yes she can revert to Islam and she will get the certificate but it will take time to be issued from the court. you may ask in Qatar guest center. Normally 6 month but they can expedite for a valid reason.
After that you can get married. PM me for more details.
All the best.

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