Do and don't in Algeria

Are you living in Algeria? We need you to share your experience of the local customs :)

Is it difficult to adjust to the local customs in Algeria?

Could you please share with us a list of the do's and don't's in Algeria?



If you have money, you don't risk any thing ! (lol)

Bagliite wrote:


If you have money, you don't risk any thing ! (lol)

i guess if you have money you wont risk anything even in paris!!!

My name is Greg Way, currently serving in the military but coming to the end of my 22 year contract.  As part of my resettlement into civvy street I am part way through a security risk management university course.  Part of my course work is a country risk analysis and I have chosen Algeria and Algiers in particular.  I was wondering whether you would be willing to answer a few questions or pass on your experiences in regard to my course work seeing as you live and work in the city.  My report is centered around a client who is visiting Algiers to conduct business meetings with commercial and government agencies with the prospect of moving staff into the area at a later date. I have researched the current terrorist threat from AQIM, the organised crime and petty crime in the area but would like to hear your experiences of living in the city in regards to these threats.  Also looking into the culture, traditions & taboos that effect security of the individual & organisations in the city!
I would be very grateful in hearing back from you as this sort of itel in invaluable in producing the deliverable that is required.  Many thanks for your time.
Kindest regards,
Greg Way
Please feel free to conact me at [email protected]

Hi Greg! I'm not sure whether you are currently living in Algeria or not. Ideally, you should be there to conduct your 'fieldwork' in the field proper. If we're talking about a PhD, then the validity of your whole piece of research will be crucial.

Speaking as an 'expert' with a small 'e', I can tell you that your life would be much much easier if you spent whatever time is necessary to decide on your data gathering techniques (notice the 's')and on ensuring that your data is going to be rich, varied and sufficient to serve as a basis for writing a thesis. If your data is flawed,the whole thing will suffer from poor credibility [= validity & reliability issues].

Great data also makes the analysis and discussions of your results realistic, interesting, and who knows maybe even useful (as you will probably have to make some recommendations).

If you haven't already done so, look at past research (findings, research designs etc.) and decide what is the best feasible approach for you to take. It won't be free, and it won't be easy, but it'll be well worth it!

As long as you do not mess with the National flag and or people belief ,you are more than very welcome in this country.

it depends on whom u are and the places u go there  are safe places and dangerouse places so. if u are an american or a british u might be in a securiased aeria but for other countries it's ok to go every where

Hi all,
The best advice I can give is:
DO try to learn some French or Derdja or pure Arabic, you will find it very difficult to survive without.
DO your homework. There are people out there you can ask questions to about anything or point you in the right direction so that you don't put yourself at risk, go unprepared or offend people.
DO try to meet and talk with the Algerian people, they are very welcoming and friendly BUT
DON'T be naive, Algeria is full of corruption in certain places and therefore seek advice from those with experience before making decisions.
DO embrace the culture, there is such beauty to be found in the true Islamic beliefs so always ask 'why?' is something done like that as it may seem bizarre to you until the answer reveals a different way of looking at things :-)
DON'T use the National flag inappropriately. Last year a group of students were jailed for using one to tow their car in an emergency!
DO prepare to be stared at or spoken to in Kabyle if you are fair of skin or hair as there are few fair-coloured individuals in the cities.
DO read the Foreign Office website guidance to remind yourself that vigilence is advised which is easy to forget when the sun is shining and you are licking icecream on the beach!
DO go to the markets and museums but DON'T go to the Casbah without a guide
DO get a car as public transport is a nightmare but DON'T think driving is going to be easy!! Lots of traffic and very few rules! Good opportunity to test your nerve though :-)
DO go, it's beautiful and not like the UK atall but DON'T go with Western ideas, just absorb and enjoy the differences and learn from them and it can be a wonderful experience!