hi guys I hope you can give me an idea on my concern. i was offered a job in ahmadi kuwait as a nursing asst in a govt hosp under KOC last july and up to now i am still waiting for my visa, do you have any idea on how long will i wait or will i be able tonhave a visa? is there a circumstance that they cancel it for no reason? sometimes im so paranoid that im already waiting fir nothing , do you think it will still arrive? evrytime i call my agency they kept telling me just to wait but its almost 3mos now pls ans my query thank u


It will arrive once it arrives, we all have had the same problem awaiting visas .

Do not worry it will eventually arrive , just unfortunately it seems everyone is delayed and does not get told much info but i assure you its normal for them the way they do things here.

I was waiting from November16 to February17 to get my visa then my flights wasn't booked until march17.

I have friends who had interviews in Dubai May/June17 and are now still waiting for their visas also so Not to worry my friend.

thank you formyour response, somehow I felt relieved knkwinh that Im not the only one that has this case. okay maybe I will just wait its my 3rd month now hopefully not longer than 6mos :( i really want to work already 😊 thanks again :)

Dont worry mate!

The admin is slow but will pay off , keep your chin up you will here sooner or later mate :-D

Guys Keep it up... yes it is a frustrating process.  But you all will get NOC soon" inshalla" finally I got mine just today by DHL from india thru my agancy . Did interview back in Apr17. In Australia.


thanks for the encouraging words 😊 godbless

I had the interview in Australia last May. Still waiting for the visa ...

you will get it mate... keep it up,,, still waiting for the same,, but no worries

is that for koc too?

thanks... its my 3rd month now hope to have godo results...did you apply for koc too?

You wil get it inshallah... things are now moving forward at the migration in Kuwait

what do you mean thingsnare now moving in kuwait embassy, did something happen thats why its delayed?

Did anyone tell you? Thanks

No guys I have no connection, but got about 3 friends of mine got their NOC in the last 2 weeks. All did interview back in May.

what do you mean

I am waiting for my visa for last 5 month i had the interview in india last may.

are you going to work in koc as well? i was interviewed june 1st, and until now no visa yet

I signed their contract in October 16th. Few of my friends also did on that day. After one week they got the confirmation letter and not me... It's been three months and they haven't given me the confirmation letter or started the Visa process...I tried koc recruitment office... They said I could be their backup. It's so frustrating.... My contract expires on January 16th...

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