Compound Halls for event

Hi Team.

I am searching for a good compound that we could rent the hall for our event as i see that it is more safe to have mix gathering there. Any suggestions?  The hall should accommodate at least 100 to 150 persons.  Thank you :)

I think you need to be more specific about what you'd be wanting to use if for and the nationalities of the people you'd expect to invite. Your budget, maybe an embassy hall would be a better thing to ask for ?

Otherwise I'm sure there are lots of istihara available for rent.

Hi, write to recreation[at] in Al Nakhla Compound - they have a huge Royal Hall for events and other smaller options

Hi everyone,

Actually I was looking for a good compound for events and other smaller options in Riyadh i found but unfortunately, they are not allowing for singles to inter (Shit).

Anyhow I was wondering if we can make a small group (Boys&Girls) and we can hangout together sometimes, for those interested please feel free to contact me anytime.


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