I need to complete an application for tenancy

I live in Sydney Australia and will like to secure a rental property for my son who will be working with the University of Bristol next month.

I understand that l need to organise for someone to view the property on my behalf before I can even qualify to submit an application ( I have no idea what this really entails).

Any chance someone can follow this up for me if I provide the Agent and property details?  I guess there will be no formal costs involved, but I am willing to provide for transport and incidental costs.

Agent: Abode Property Management , Bristol
132 Whiteladies Road, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 2RS

Hi and welcome to the Forum. :)

My opinion is that it's never a good idea to use a 3rd party to do this; individual perceptions of what's good or bad vary and to enter into a contractual relationship with a landlord based on that, has the potential to crash and burn very quickly and deposits paid become bargaining chips used by recalcitrant landlords.

My advice, use something like AirBNB for a short-term place for your son to stay; then let your son do his own appraisal of what is on offer.  If you want to advise him during the process, then use something like Facetime or another similar internet app.

We did the above for our daughter when she moved to another country, it worked fine.

Hope this helps.

Bristol Airbnb prices start from 17 a night.

I 2nd Cynic comments, also the Landlord always likes to see the tenant and with 3rd parties, it can get really messy.

Thanks for your advice. It makes a lot of sense. I shall relay this to son. Regards.

Thanks for your support.

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