Hi Everyone

I have just gone through HAAD and approved for the Oral Exam. I am an occupational therapist. Does anyone knows what the Oral exam is about so I can be prepared for it?

Hello! I will be having my HAAD OT exam in 2 months’ time but still I have no idea how the exam will go through. I’m assuming that you have finished your exam and now have your license. How did the oral test go? What topics taken? Was it like a revalida type of exam? How many minutes taken for the whole test? Was it a panel exam? Please, any input is highly appreciated as I am new in the place and I do not know any other occupational therapist here in Abu Dhabi. Thank you so much in advance.

Hello.. if you please I just want to be aware about the Oral HAAD exam for occupational therapy.. the questions type and what I need to focus on during the preparation.. many thanx

Hello..how was your oral exam?and the questions, was there any specific topic that you discussed?planning to take the exam too..hope you can help ..thank you!

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