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Hello everyone
Im Kareem and this is my first time on Expat and i hope i can find the help in what i need
I just moved from Egypt to Germany and im not speaking German (yet) and im struggling to find any job i have been searching and sending my cv and cover letter to lots of companies but never get a replay
Please if someone knows a way cause im really needing a job asap
Best regards and i already love it here.

Your question is too general to give much of an answer. The first question I would have is what is your legal situation to be in Germany, what kind of visa? The other question would be what is your education and work experience? For most jobs one needs to know good German. The exception might be in certain high tech or advanced scientific fields, which narrows down the possibilities. Your profile claims you speak multiple languages which is a plus but usually only when one of them is also German.

thanks you so much for the replay
im in germnay with a residency permission and i already have my work permistion and even my tax number
i graduated from pharmacy and worked in pharmaceutical companies for the past 3 years as a medical representative (which is mostly  sales and marketing for a pharmaceutical product) and now im just wanting to work anything related or even not related and im always searching but no replay
thanks again for taking the time to answer me ☺

and to make it easier to you i wish i could find a place that i could work till i improve my german language so that i can move on im my career and right now im really not picky i just need a job

Well, with your legal status and experience one would think you'll have a chance to eventually find something. I think there are strict requirements for who can work as a pharmacist so it would be good to find out if your degree is recognized in Germany. But pharmacists also have a lot of responsibility to give people proper information that could mean the difference between life and death. So even if not legally required, I doubt a pharmacy would risk employing anyone without good German skills to deal with customers. I really have no idea what other jobs they might have or what might exist in the field of medical representatives where one would not need German, possibly a company that deals a lot with foreign buyers or suppliers from countries where your various languages are spoken. Sorry that I can't provide more specific information…

you dont have to say sorry and tha ks for all thise ideas and really appreciate the help and i  i can find something soon :)

Hopefully you find something that fits your skills. It's a real shame but foreigners often end up having to take really lousy jobs well below their education and experience. I spent a lot of time in Scandinavia years ago and knew a number of doctors from South America that were working as bartenders or waiting tables in restaurants. They made so little money at home that they saw this as an opportunity to benefit their families. But it really sad as it was a waste of their education and a big loss for their home country as many of the best educated had to leave to make a living. Countries often like to recruit highly educated people but few seem to talk about the brain drain when especially poor countries lose their smartest people, even if they do get a professional position in the new land.

In addition to the good advice Tom gave above (especially about the need to speak German to find a job), there are two more points I would like to mention:

1. German employers are very picky about the first impression you make.
Mistypings or strange wordings in your cover letter or CV will certainly lead to your application being discarded immediately.
That is the most likely explanation for you not getting any answers - it is otherwise customary in Germany to send a reply to each applicant, even if negative.
If your applications are as full of language mistakes as your posts here, you better ask a native speaker friend to proof-read and correct them before sending.

2. German employers expect you to convince them.
Thus you need to focus on what you can and will do for them that others can't. Mention your special achievements in the past and rare niche skills (relevant to the job) you have.
Do not write you want to "improve your German" and you "need the job" - that is of no concern to them.

And also, have patience. Five to six months is about the minimum for a job search in Germany. You won't find something within just a few weeks!