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I am Masters in Food Technology and Biochemical Engineering from Jadavpur University , India. I am a fresher with no prior experience in industry.However,i have done internships with beverage industry and also been trained in food testing laboratories. Recently i got married and will move to Munich Germany. I want to know what are the job opportunities of my field, and what is the right way to look for jobs in Munich, Germany .

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The first question - How is your German language skills? The second, why Germany, have you any ties to the country?

No, i don't know German. My husband got a permanent job opportunity in Munich and therefore we will move to Munich in next  6 months.

I agree with SimCityAT above:
The most important consideration, with greatest effect on your job search chances, is whether you speak German fluently.
Second comes your visa status: Are you allowed to work for any employer here, or do you need company sponsorship (and thus must pass the test of whether there are any EU nationals who could do the job instead).
Only third comes the industry you target and whether you have the required (and recognised) education and work experience.
There is plenty of advice on this forum regarding all three topics, so you may want to read that first.

Look on jobbörse.

Try using Google.

Try  giving a better advise, perhaps.

Start learning German now - vocabulary, simple phrases, anything. Sign up for a class at the VHS or a language school as soon as you arrive (or, more likely, get onto a waiting list).
Good luck!

Thanks. I will try to learn German before moving to Germany.:)

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