Good day,

I hereby ask you if you know how much on average is paid to a Scrum Product Owner? thank you


Maybe we could better help you if you explain what is a Scrum Product, and what does its owner do?

Chances are, if you don't know what a scrum product is, and you don't know how to google that information, that you're not gonna be able to answer the original question as well...

What a smart-ass reply!
Why should I google the information when the OP wants a question answered?
And this forum is meant for lively discussions, not one-way information gathering. So I though maybe I can learn something new (i.e. what a scrum product is) from the OP, who's probably an expert on it.
But who knows whether he's reading this at all ...

yeah, that was a pretty snide reply, @JanKrohn, but @vfpribeiro, I'd say depending on your experience, your German skills and which company you work for, you could expect around 80,000/year.  Minimum of 60,000 I'd say, if you only have < 5 years experience and your German's not good or you work for a smaller start-up type company.  But for BMW/Siemens with 5+ years experience and very good business German, you could probably even ask for 100,000/yr.

My friend was senior developer at an on-demand TV-over-internet company and earned I think 85,000 including benefits.  His scrum leader earned an estimated 95,000.

Hope that helps.