Need help for searching IELTS review classes near Dammam-Khobar?

If anyone have idea for ongoing IELTS review classes in Dammam or Khobar this month of August, please help?

There is a teacher is called Mrs dalia , her students  results in IELTS are 7.5+
here phone number in the above link she is teaching SAT ,IGCSE and IELTS

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Thanks much for the info Mr. Khaledmath  :)

I really need to pass this passport to working in Maldives soon..

What level do you need? My wife took it and she needed an 7+ if you need tips I will get her to talk with you
have a good day


Please do number is ***

Thanks for your kindness.


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There are a lot of videos on YouTube you can watch 7+ is quite high and for Nursing plus other professional fields.

If you use the YouTube channels you will get a lot of help there also Google it for more professional free tutors.

On the day its one on one situation and she did find it hard but passable. If you need more help she says PM and she will help you. I myself have done it with her on youtube and the biggest problem is understanding what they ask you, I am English born there and find some of it a bit off putting.

Keep practicing and like everything in life it becomes easy the more you do it and you can do it at your own speed at home.

Do not give up you can do it I know you can.

Keep well

Is she still available for review sir?

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