English teaching jobs...

hey everyone, i'm a recant college graduate looking to maybe teach English in Slovenia! i am a native english speaker with a TESOL / TESL / TEFL Certification. any tips on which cities i should look into and how i would actualy go about getting a teaching job?  also maybe there are other jobs other then teaching i should look into???  i should also note im a non-EU citizen.



Hello Dennis,

I will suggest you to post an advert on the jobs section of Slovenia Classifieds page. This may help as well.

Can you also avoid copy-pasting the same contents in the different forums please. Thanks for your kind comprehension!


im searching for an english or persian teaching job. also since i couldnt find any job here during these 2 years, i am searching for any jobs like working in restaurant,kindergarten,accounting, or .... i have all of these experiences in different countries, but here i am so disappointed ,please if u can, guide me..