Banking in Slovenia

Updated 2021-07-20 14:59

Slovenia has a strong banking industry. National and international banks are located throughout the country, along with a large network of ATM machines in most towns, and withdrawals are available from local or international bank accounts. Major banks are more likely to have English-speaker tellers to assist with opening an account, and some banks have websites in both English and Slovenian.

The major banks in Slovenia are Nova Ljubljana Banka (NLB), SKB Banka, Abanka and Nova KBM. NLB is the largest bank in Slovenia so can be a convenient option for expats.

Banks can also assist with overseas transfers, although transfer fees will apply. Having a local bank account will avoid withdrawal and transaction fees from your previous bank, making it easier and cheaper to pay bills, use ATMs and make local purchases. Banks can also assist with business and personal loans.

Opening a personal bank account

Foreign residents can open bank accounts in Slovenia, and the process is simple and straightforward. If you will be working in the country, it is important to have a local account, as many companies will pay salaries via direct deposit into your nominated bank account. A bank account can be opened in a local branch of your bank or can be done online in some circumstances. To open a personal account, please see below the required documents:

  • Valid passport (EU or non-EU issued)
  • Slovenian tax number
  • Foreign tax number

Before opening a bank account, you may wish to check if your current bank has international branches in Slovenia. There are multiple types of bank accounts available, including savings accounts, joint accounts (an account shared by two or more people) and transaction accounts (for purchases).

Good to know:

International students are also able to open a local bank account.

Opening a business bank account

If you have recently opened a company in Slovenia, you will also need to open a business bank account. Any big bank will be able to offer a business account to a new business. After a new company has been registered, it is a requirement to open a business account.

The bank will require:

  • A Slovenian tax number
  • All documentation and paperwork from the company's registration
  • The work and residence permit card of the company director or operator.

Good to know:

There are third party companies which assist with this process if needed, for a fee.

Credit and debit cards

When you open a bank account in Slovenia, you will receive a debit card for withdrawing money and making purchases. The card will be mailed to you shortly after opening an account. Most bank debit cards are the 'chip and pin' style ' you insert your card into a machine and enter your four or six-digit secret number for the purchase to be authorised by your bank.

You can also often apply for credit cards through your bank, although the approval process may be more difficult for new arrivals without a credit history. Visa, Mastercard and American Express are commonly accepted in most locations, although some small businesses, especially outside of the larger cities, may take only cash.

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