Job in Slovenia for non-slovenian-speakers


I have recently moved to Slovenia. I am trying to pick up as much of the language as I can, as well as having a look around for some Slovenian language courses.

However, learning the language will not happen overnight obviously. Therefore I was wondering about other expats experiences with job-hunting. Have you found a job where you were not required to speak slovenian? if so - how would you recommend one would go about finding such position? Or - have you learnt the basics of the language first before trying to get a job?
Are there any international companies around that hire foreigners?

Looking forward to any replies / experiences :)

If you are an EU citizen you can contact EURES.

My advice is to ask your Slovenian relatives for a job.  If you don't have any maybe you are coming over here and stealing from us?

The relevant word here is "recently".  Apart from the ones in Wikileaks all the accusations of Slovenian cronyism I have heard about Slovenia have come from Slovenians themselves...and they are especially prevalent at election time when all the fake middle-of-everything parties try to pin this on all the others. 

However I accept your brief generalisation of a criticism with good grace.  I wouldn't want to end up being one of those people with nothing better to do than spew out racist expletives on Youtube. 

Yesterday my mobile was disconnected.  To get it back I paid 1.50 to pay a 12.87 euro bill, of which 5 euros was a charge for not paying a bill that I shouldn't have had to pay because I was in credit anyway, something which I had done deliberately to minimise the relative cost of paying to pay. 

So I had to pay to pay for not paying what I shouldn't have had to pay.  I make that 83% extra for Slovenia not knowing its arse from its elbow, and I've probably forgotten to calculate in the VAT on that. 

But perhaps you'd like to join our colourful international arts community here in Ptuj, in charge of Slovenia's London 2012 website.  I'm the satirist with the English sense of humour.  That's what I do, and Slovenia won't pay for it: that's how I know it's really good. 

In my view you know when art has value - nobody pays.  And then there is Hollywood and the wider media, where "if it bleeds it leads", everyone only says positive things, and it is very rich and very crap.  What can you do and does anyone want to pay for it?

So at EURES Maribor I was pretty much told that they don't really deal with people like me, but rather Slovenians who want to find jobs abroad. Meh