I'm keen to find work !

Hey everyone! I'm from Brisbane, Australia and have recently moved to Ljubljana.

I have stayed in Slovenija quite a bit over the last two years, visiting family (my grandmother was Slovenian) and holidaying, but now I'm here to stay for a while and to see where it all takes me!

I'm keen to find work, advance my language skills and meet other expats and slovenian nationals with similar interests.

I'm a musician and an audio engineer, and have worked as a graphic designer and an architect. I like music, photography, hiking, running, cycling, reading, dogs and trips to the seaside.

Lep pozdrav

Hi Nikolas,

Welcome to Expat.com :)

If you are looking for work I suggest you post your resume in the Graphic designer job offers in Slovenia section or in the Architect job offers in Slovenia section please. It might help :)

Best of luck with everything buddy !

Thank you

Expat.com Team

Hi Nikolas,

Im from singapore and was keen to finding work there too, cos my girlfriend is slovenian.
Im a musician and a sound engineer/technical crew freelancing in SOTA (School of The Art Singapore) and a sound recordist in HBO, holding a diploma in Audio engineer in SAE (School of Audio Engineering Singapore).
Im interested in widen my knowledge and experience there, currently looking for a full/part time or freelance jobs there of my field in theatre or studio.
it will be much appreciated if you could recommend me on any sites or contacts in slovenia.
Thank you so much for the time.


i do realized finding a job in overseas is not easy or not having contacts and links, not sure about the music industries there in slovenia, cos i believe music is a universal language.. thats why im here to expand my contact and meeting new people..this is a start for me
thank for your reply, have a nice day ahead..cheers!

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