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You are an expat living in Slovenia? Please share your experience!

What is the best way to find a job in Slovenia?

The Internet? Please tell us which are the most useful / effective websites for job seekers in Slovenia.

Recruitment agencies? Have you got their contact?

Newspapers? Which ones?


Thanks in advance for your participation

Hi folks,
my name is Ivan, I live in Prague with spanish girlfriend and we are thinking about to move to Slovenia. Could you please advice, how to find a job there? On Internet, there is not a lot of information. We are looking for some head hunters, or recruitment agencies, so we both are senior professionals. Thanks for advice:-.] ivan

Hi Ivan!

i would like to know if you got any job in Slovenia or you are living there at the moment? I will move there in two weeks and through the internet there is not much information about jobs etc.. could you give me some tips about the situation there??
Hope everything goes fine
Thanks a lot

Hi there!

Searching for a job on the internet for nonspeakers is a bit difficult.
Here are some pages but are all in slovenian:  - this is supposed to be the best

This could also be interesting (in english):

Also try searching EURES!


And you also have a lot of agencies like:


I am an Emergency Medical Technician living in the United States.  I was just wandering what the prehospital medical system is like in Slovenia?  What kind of certification do you need to work on an ambulance?  Would it be hard for me to get this certification when I moved over there?

I have been trying to research this myself but haven't been able to get the right information.

Thank you for your help


Well, it's really difficult for me to imagine that someone without knowledge of Slovenian language (which by the way is really difficult language to learn) would get a good job in Slovenia. We do not have many international organisations where you could for example be fine with only English or French or even German. Not a lot of people speak foreign languages (younger yes, but not generation above 45).But good luck, you never know!!! In Slovenia is difficult to get a job even for Slovenian citizens who of course would have priority over you... that's one reason why I actually went out of Slovenia!! Salaries are pretty low but costs on the other hand are practically the same as in Austria (for example). rents are lower, but food, furniture.... are not. Food in restaurants is cheaper (and better I might add!!!) but petrol... all practically the same.

As far as timshelton123 and your job... you rather ask directly someone who works either for Health Ministry or directly Klinicni Center (Clinical Center in Ljubljana) or any other hospital (the one in Maribor).... actually depends where in Slo you want to leave. But again, if you plan working with people you need to know the language and for that you will need quite some time. They say that Slovenian language is one of the most complicated languages in the world (I speak 5 languages and I would definitely agree with that statement) so you will need quite some time to learn the language well enough to qualify for a job.

But good luck to all of you, Slovenia is in deed very nice country to leave in but you have to have money to leave well, otherwise is better to stay at home (like every other country, you are foreigner no matter what). But at least Slovenians like foreigners and they are very impressed by foreign diplomas (especially from UK, Germany, USA):-)

Hey Tim, have you figured things out yet?

Hi All,

I am planning to move to Slovenia this April and I am looking for jobs there.
I have few questions if anybody can help.

I am a medical doctor and specialized in Clinical Pharmacology (MD). I would like to work for Medical University or Pharma/Biotech industry.

Does anybody know about registration with Medical Chamber of Slovenia? Whether its necessary even if I dont deal with patients and work in Pharma company for clinical trial operations or Pharmacovigilance?

I noticed a job advertisement for Pharmacovigilance in contract research organisation in Ljubljana and I fit in the eligibility criteria but they didnt mention about language, they just said English is required.
Does anybody know, in which language doctors in Slovenia usually report adverse drug reactions to concerned regulatory authority?


I think to go to Slovenia, but if anyone knows any firm to work, I have finished high school for electro. and I have 3 years experience working for the installation of electricity electrice .. respectfully

Hello astrit -> I invite you to post an advert in the Jobs in Slovenia section. It might help. :)

Thank you,

In Slovenia the only way to get a paying job is through connections...

Vesna, I totally agree with you. By the way...where did you move? I'm also seeking to move out....

Hi All,
My name is Karim. I am hotel steward and have five years experience. I live in Bangladesh. I like to move Slovenia. Could you please advice me, how to find a job there? On Internet, there is not a lot of information. We are looking for some head hunters, or recruitment agencies. Thanking advance for advice.

helo! hi to all im shain from philippines and i want to work slovenia and how to find a graduated bachelor elementary education,caregiver course..i had experience 2 yrs and half in kuwait and 2 yrs in jordan..can u help me ti find a job anyone there...

Hello there, I am an American living here, and I have an extended family member who does this. If you are still interested, I can ask him about it for you. 😊 I know that some EMT jobs here are hired by a specific hospital, and some by a company that works with many. Also there are motorcycle EMTs to show up first and fast if the Ambulance can't arrive as quickly.


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