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I'm hoping someone can assist with this ? :)

Myslef and my wife are moving to the UK in August - I'm an irish citizen and she is South Africa. I know that she is required to secure an EEA family permit and that the permit itself is free of charge, however I cannot seem to locate one specific government department that I can discuss this with.

There are many agents / consultants that assist with this but charge upwards of R20,000 (???) - I'm not sure why I'd pay for this service whilst the permit is free ? Or is this the norm ?

Nonetheless does anyone out there have any experience with this process ? Or can you provide me with any contact details within the UK (any official body that has knolwedge in this topic).

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There are many agencies out there that charge for a normally free service. With regards to the UK, I always look for a .Gov in the web address.

I think the site you are looking for is Apply for an EEA family permit from outside the UK.

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Yes, I do realise this however the site is one of them :)


If you can't get in contact directly from the website I gave you, I would get in contact with the nearest UK Embassy.

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My GF and I are in a similar situation, she is Swedish and I am Bosnian. We have been living together for longer than 3 years and we are planning to get married soon.
We would apply for the EEA family permit but what after that? EEA family permit is only valid for 6 months. Since we would not find a job immediately can we apply for some residency permit as soon as we land? :)
We are both highly educated and with many years of experience in IT sector but we do not know how much it would take to get a job.
If there is some kind of a permit like in other EU countries could someone please share with me what would be next step after we come there?

The EEA family permit is not something to worry much about.Inasmuch as you can produce the relevant documents to prove your relationship and possibly means of sustainance(though not required under eu law)while you guys are gonna be here in the uk your application could be successful.
Or better still get your partner to your country of origin and then travel by bus or train via calais france to get the EEA stamp for your family at the bother.

But why would that EEA stamp make a difference and what is its significance? Could you please elaborate?
Also, how can we get a residence permit after we arrive to UK?

By the EU regulations,a union citizen and his/her family member has the freedom of movement rights within the eu as long as the sponsor(eu citizen)is travelling together with them.By the eu regulations all eu countries should facilitate entry to eu citizens and their family members as long as they can prove their family ties(eg marriage certificate,joint tenancy,joint bank accounts etc).
Meanwhile,in the case of uk, your family member will get the EEA family stamp which is valid for 6 months at the port of entry and he/she can later proceed to apply for residence card for a family of a union citizen if the EEA sponsor is living in the uk as a qualified person(worker,self employed,self sufficient person or student with a comprehensive health insurance cover).
The only challenges are that you non EEA spouse might have difficulty in convincing employers and other relevant authourities that they as a direct family member of an EEA citizen have the right to work in the uk.The residence card is only a confirmation of an existing right under the eu laws.
Hope this little information would be of help.


Thank you for the information you supplied.  If I may ask, more about traveling via France as you suggested, Will they still conduct an "interview" and I have to supply supporting docs as you suggested? 
The same documents that would be needed to apply for the family permit through the UK Gov?

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