Medical test fear.. someone help

pranavjayaraj :

They gave me an unfit report because of my platelet count. My platelet count usually stays below 1.5 lakh. I even gave them medical fitness certificate from two separate doctors but still they didn’t approve. I got a good job with KNPC and now everything is ruined.

You should have requested them if they can give you some medicine and if you can apply after 2-3 weeks again. Many time it happens, they will give you some medicine and ask you to come after few days if its normal issue.

I have my pre-medical but the result for my chest x-ray I have minimalfibrocalcific scarring in my left upperlobe of my lungs..I don't have any history of I have any chance
to work in kuwait?

Was the xray after breath holding at full inspiration?

You can  get a mantoux test done too.

X-ray and blood test only.
Don't worry

There is one test in your home country before you fly to Kuwait.  Second medical check up is after you land to get the civil id and residency stamp. This was stressful for me. There are blood plus chest xray tests.

Worst thing was during medical checkup; while waiting for chest xray the guy ahead of me had removed his shirt and was stinking too bad. plus while standing with my office colleague we both were standing without shirt which was awkward for both of us. we all including me started cursing Kuwait law which was not fair. Our office assistant tried to give us comfort but every new person in this country will face almost similar situation.

Please i need your answer regarding my problem in my xray.

it would be difficult for non medical person to give you exact reply. I know TB is taken seriously by them.

Please tell me which eye tests are required for knpc medical test

Can fibridenomal lump removal scar make me unfit in kuwait medical...plz rply anyone

No need to worry.
You can always wear contact lenses if required

Wt about hep a,
Kindly get back to me..

After how long time u come to know this, bcoz 2 days ago I have given medical

Hi all,
Yesterday I went for GAMCA Fitness test(Kuwait), unfortunately I couldn't clear it. Reason is there is some opacity in my lungs as per x-ray report and that doctor said me to take treatment for a week..
Kindly suggest me to clear this..

Hi sorry for late reply,
It's good much better u must use the medicine what ever doctor advised, what ever they haven't failed u which means it's not big issue and in kuwait medical they only reject TB and similar kinds of diseases so don't worry believe on yourself.

Hi Ashvin... Have you cleared your medical test. Are you in Kuwait now?

Is there any problem for scoloisis?

Stop posting the same question on multiple threads.  No one is able to answer for a specific illness which most people probably don't even know about.  I have already posted the GAMCA guidelines for you.  If it doesn't state your particular illness then it means that they don't consider that as a rejection case.

THank you so much and sorry for posting multiple

Medical report checked online website

Dear Sai,

As per Nilesh, Have u taken letter from your sponsor saying that no issue with eyesight? Please reply.

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