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Hello all,
My girlfriend has just given birth to our son, I currently reside here and have been doing the painful monthly visa run for the last year since ending the KITAS, however would anyone know how to obtain a UK passport for our son?
We will obtain an Indonesian one first (just realised half the documents needed are still at the hospital 😳)
And the Indonesian one should be pretty straight forward ( friends of friends at immigration etc to assist with the process),
Would anyone know what documents, proof etc we would need, I have been told a DNA test but not sure if this was for passport purposes or when we marry in the future and his BC is updated, any advice would be greatly appreciated

If you are unmarried it causes more problems here as there is more to give to prove the birth rights of the child sadly.  Out of wedlock makes getting legal documents harder that's for sure.

As for the UK Passport that is pretty simple. Just go to Gov.UK for that but you need an awful lot of documents from home. Long and Short Birth certificates for you. Wedding Cert for parents and their birth certificates (copies ok). Also you may need to read up on the rights of the child as even if a passport is issued it does not automatically give them rights as a British Citizen but they can apply later and also having a child out of wedlock as well.

If you apply for British Passport you have to declare this with immigration and sign forms and stuff for dual nationality so that process should be started at the same time as getting the Indonesian passport.

What is most important is that a: you child has a birth certificate registering him with the Indonesian government and getting him a passport will clear any doubt up.

You should also be aware of the way society can treat unmarried mothers in Indonesia and speaking from experience it isn't necessarily a positive one so the more you can support your partner and son the better it will be for them.

First of all- congrats 😊. best to contact the U.K. Consulate as Your son will need to be a British citizen first then obtain a British passport. You will not be listed on the birth certificate here in Indonesia (you said girlfriend) so you will need to advise the consulate and obtain the permission of the mother (normally a form to complete).  Your gf will be able to deal with the birth registration etc and the application for an Indonesian passport. However- congratulations!!!! First port of call- your consulate 👍🏻

Cheers greatly appreciated

The above answers are correct.
Born out of wedlock is less common here and all government paperwork assumes the parents are married.
That makes it a game and a half for those who are not.

Is your name on the birth certificate or were you refused?

Hi, the fathers name does not go on the birth certificate due to not being married if we do marry, we simply get a DNA test and then a new birth certificate, at the moment it just states mothers name and as single mother.
I know it's simpler once married etc
All single/ unmarried mothers when registration of a birth takes place (as in our case and on Batam/ or partially registered) states my name as being present as I had to complete documents after the birth.

That could well be an issue with boyh passports.

Yes no doubt for a uk one (until we are married)
Indonesian one is no issue and that just using documents from the hospital and not an actual birth certificate

Cheers lukereg apologies as I couldn't read your reply to begin with, yes I understand the (on occasions) hostility unmarried mums can have here in Indonesia.
Again, hopefully when we marry sooner rather than later that sorts it's self out and can update any documents that we may need.
Speaking of, when we marry would I need to convert from Christian? As some people I know have, others haven't, I have been told conflicting stories as fully legal marriage if you convert semi legal if you don't? One option was marrying in Singapore but that looks like a balls ache also

One thing is for sure the UK consulate won't help they will direct you to a website and when you apply for the passport you have to the processing center in Kuninghan City (mall). The embassy has nothing to do with this.
The UK passport doesn't automatically grant anyone citizenship but is better than just registering your son a birth.
As for getting married. Yes you should convert. There are two processes for marriage. For Muslim it's slot easier as it appears you can skip the legal process and it's still legally binding but better you do both religious and civil processes to make it 100% legal and it should also be then recognised in UK law. Should.
Pretty simple to convert so I am told.

Buy a goat or make a donation to the local mosque, choose an Islamic name ( Stay away from names likely to get you stopped by immigration ) recite a few lines of Islamic verse and hang about a mosque for a bit and bang done. Also get circumsized.

The above about converting may not be 100% accurate and it's from conversations with friends that did to marry. But they then continue their Western lifestyles.

Please keep us updated on your adventures as although your position appears complicated, it may help others with similar circumstances in the future. I especially want to hear of your adventures purchasing a goat. Best of health for mum and baby too.

I think it's the goat part is when I go to kampung bule 🍺🍺 again many thanks to you all for your varied experiences and advice, it really is greatly appreciated, yes I know the place in Jakarta we went to the same for my GFs uk visa and I stayed in the Manahatton? When doing KITAS etc

Supadave, they won't be any goats when I'm around, "hopefully " though I know they is a lot of truth in that one will keep you updated when/ if we make progress, again many thanks

Beware the immigrasi checks in kampong bule lol they did a sweep last week 😐

They have done two, I always have a copy of passport and entrance stamp with me anyway, was quite entertaining seeing and listening to the pointless disputes haha

Awesome- only got checked once in Jakarta outside Halim, but never grooving on the dance floor inside a club lol all good- my docs were in order and they were fine with me.

Supadave :

Awesome- only got checked once in Jakarta outside Halim, but never grooving on the dance floor inside a club lol all good- my docs were in order and they were fine with me.

I recall the last time anyone asked to check my immigration status and that was after a minor accident many years ago.
I know immigration do a sweep around the pubs and clubs and pubs from time to time but I never go there so there's very little chance I will ever be checked. \As many are probably aware, I tend to wander around bits of Jakarta were bule are rare animals but no one bothers, probably assuming I'm a tourist who got a bit lost.

One other issue for the OP came to mind - if the kid has only a British passport he/she will also have to get a KITAS as a dependent so you'll still have all the fun with the paperwork.
Once registered as an Indonesian citizen, passport or not, that little lot is ready for defenestration.

Just in case the baby is not yet noted as an Indonesian.

Nothing can happen until am Indonesian birth certificate has been issued and that should be the priority here.
Another point is that the UK govt. won't accept any documents that are not original or in Indonesian only so that means either having the birth certificate in both English and Indonesian or getting it translated later. It all adds up and becomes a headache.

My first son was born out of wedlock so I understand the challenges ahead. I would make a list of all the jobs that need to be done and tick them off one by one. One day at a time with all the correct paperwork and translations. Note: I'm Australian so the paperwork was much easier for the citizenship and passport and I'm not clued up for the U.K. I'm a tragic list maker and I'm all for plodding along until the task is completed. Seems to work just fine in indonesia as the paperwork can be mind numbing but must be done to the required standard.  Generic advice I know but nothing worse than turning up without the correct documentation and having a "dah" moment at the front counter. I don't think my blog here helps much but you and your family have the unqualified support of the expats online anytime- just ask or vent any frustrations- were all expat family 👍🏻

Oh- today I pick up my passport for my first KITAS so I'm grinning from ear to ear. Just waiting around trolling until 1pm for my obligatory KITAS selfie 😊Only the SDMP and civil registry left on my the dream and loving the journey

Yes I'm aware of obtaining a British passport first and the hassle this can have at the early stages until paperwork is organised whilst living in Indonesia. Just thinking ahead for the UK one for simplicity for travelling to and from the UK etc rather than the hassle of going back and forth for visa runs 1 or 2 times a year. Mum can do that for herself and without dragging me and the baby around for a day and night with flights etc.
I know for certain ( just been confirmed) to have my name on the baby's BC the simplest way is to marry, DNA test then go to have the BC updated, the 2nd way is getting a court order with a supporting DNA test but this could be drawn out due to an earlier post that single mums can be looked down on in many parts of Indonesia (apologies for the poor grammar keyboard likes sleeping)

KITAS, troll away, good stuff

Hi sir.. Im sorry..but in  which hospital did ur baby birth  ??...and what kind of document that get from the hospital  ??

Hi joe, st Elizabeth, batam, just collected the document now actually, gives baby name, mothers and my own including address, think we have everything now 👍

Oh ok.. Congratulation.. And say hi to ur gf and ur baby from me..

Take care


Hello All, our baby was born 7 nov 17 in Jakarta, we are both married and I’m of british nationality, she is Indoneisan.

I’m currently in Indonesia on kitas (marriage), which runs out in Feb 2018.

We are in the process of registering our boy with the Indoneisan authorities, want I wanted to know:

It’s been 30 days and over since he was born and still waiting for birth certificate from kurarhan, they made a mistake thinking both parents are Indonesian, should I register him at UK embassy using the form on while waiting and using the paperwork from the hospital?

Would I face any fines if I don’t as our boy will become a overstayed (Mum seems to think and pulling her and my hair out!)?

Does our boy need to have both Indoneisan and British passports?

If my kitas runs out and I don’t renew, would it impact in anyway getting our boys paperwork done?

And finally, if I decide to renew my kitas, what should I look to pay an agent? Or should I DIY?

As far as I’m aware when your KITAS expires/ when you cancel, you can return to Indonesia on a normal visit Visa (I used to get asked lots of questions due to cancelled visas even when I used my 2nd passport it made no difference)
If your married it wont impact anything for registration as far as my understanding is
We waisted about 6 weeks for our sons birth certificate (unmarried) and will renew when married I was on visit Visa when registration of our sons made no difference to us I now have KITAS
You can choose if you want a uk passport or not, a child is currently entitled to dual nationality I think till 18/21 years of age, for a uk passport you visit the VFS ?? Office at kunmingham Mall (spelling) right by the Manhattan hotel
We used an agent for his Indonesian one just for ease really
Maybe some else can advise on the immigration part I’ve asked this several times to close friends living here for years they’ve never known this but I have always been advised to travel with the child’s birth certificate along with his passport

Would I face any fines if I don’t as our boy will become a overstayed (Mum seems to think and pulling her and my hair out!)?

The child is an Indonesian citizen so no KITAS is required for him.

Does our boy need to have both Indoneisan and British passports?

He doesn't need any passports unless you intend to travel out of the country but you're free to apply for one from each country without any legal issues.

If my kitas runs out and I don’t renew, would it impact in anyway getting our boys paperwork done?

Only in Indonesia as the paperwork requires your KITAS but that should be finished well before Feb.

And finally, if I decide to renew my kitas, what should I look to pay an agent? Or should I DIY?

No point hiring an agent as it's very easy to do yourself. Save the cash.

The child is Indonesian by birth and the birth certificate will verify that.
And then everything that been said by Fred and Gwmeath

Thank you All for the info, been a massive help 🙏🏽

Can anyone tell me, do I need to register my newborn as British? I've seen that to register I need complete the online form, make payment and send the relevant paperwork, what I am wondering is if I don't register him, will I still be able to apply for a British passport? Or do I need to register him to get dual nationality and British passport?

No need, they is an option (I’ve read up in great detail but still confuses me) where you can if you wish to make your son a full uk citizen this has a cost and details of the British parent (I presume yourself in this case) parents and grandparents details, you do not need to register anything in the UK as you or his mother is British therefore he’s a British citizen by “descent”
Meaning if he has children with a none British citizen he cannot pass on his British citizenship to his children
With the option to become a full British citizen, he can pass on citizenship to his children (I think)
For his uk passport they is a section in the details you obtain for “help in compilation of application for” it explains about children being born aboard to a British mother or father
The only exceptions to a child obtaining full British citizenship is if one or both parents are abroad working for the uk government at time of the birth (army, navy, diplomatic service or working in part of the British commonwealth etc)
That said your son has full British citizenship rights, ie can live, work, study, receive medical care join the armed forces.
One thing to remember when traveling with your son say for example to Singapore and you use (yourself) a British passport your wife and son Indonesian, if you all have some sort of emergency ie you need consulate assistance only the British consulate will help you as your son used Indonesian documents to travel
You can apply for a British passport for your son once you have his birth certificate issued in Indonesia

Thank you for your info, it’s all slowly making sense and I can calm down my stressed out semi post natal depressed wife over this issue.. she’s spoken to agents, friends in Indoneisa and also Australia giving her strange guidance on this.. i am glad I found you who has been in a similar situation. Thank you for your input and your time, appreciated 🙏🏼

No problem, if you go on
Type in the search box overseas birth or birth aboard or I’m I a British citizen etc it goes in to great detail of what you can or cannot do
Mostly it’s 3 or 4 simple questions/ tick boxes
They are a few very detailed documents to read but to be honest to much information and just confuses things

Hi Gwmeath,
                         Just following up on the thread as I'm looking at getting UK passports for my 3 in Batam.  All sorted?

Yes all sorted pretty straightforward, I got his family doctor to counter sign as I wasn’t sure who etc with not being in the UK all acceptable, I’m in Batam also

Any chance of giving you a call for a chat?

I’ll private message you my number

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