Registering a birth in Indonesia


About to have a baby or already had children? Let's share your experience about the paperworks for registering a birth in Indonesia.

What are the formalities to obtain a birth certificate?

What is the procedure to follow if both parents are of the same nationality or for a mixed couple?

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Indonesia is a country of paperwork and ID cards.

To get one for our kid, I had to get a letter from the hospital, then a letter from the local pak RT (Village boss), that had to be stamped by the area head, then his boss then finally to the main town office who refused because it was more than three days after the birth.
We finally got it my pleading and generally grovelling.
We also had to get a letter from immigration to say they knew of the birth so she could have an Indonesian passport.
Upon calling the British embassy to report the birth to them; I was informed, as long as we had a birth certificate, any time will do as far as a passport is concerned.
I, being really screwed by officials by this point, recorded every call as carefully as an NSA operative.

kids born to Indonesian/foreign mixed parents have automatic duel citizenship until 18 (Requires conformation of age).

For me, I was not allowed to be involved as the price would rise.  The hospital my son was born in charged 600k or double the cost because I am not Indonesian and the birth certificate would be issued 3 weeks later so we opted to do it with the local government office.
This involved providing a copy of all my legal marriage documents and the family certificate.  We had to use the local head of the area as a go between. 

The cost was slightly less but took 2 months but Jeremy has a birth certificate and has been registered.

Pretty certain we could have received the birth certificate sooner if we had paid more but again there was no hurry.

The next step will be registering him through the British embassy but there is no hurry for that.

Our experiences were pretty much along the same line as Pak Fred’s but given that our last son was born over nine years ago we’ve heard from others that the process is now considerably more streamlined, likely the result of the law providing for automatic dual citizenship of the children of mixed Indonesian/other parents at birth. 

Luke, I somewhat disagree that it isn’t important to register the child with the consulate or embassy of nationality of the non Indonesian parent straight away.  This is especially important if the non Indonesian parent is an American, as part of that registration will be to get a Social Security number.  Certain benefits are provided for minor children of American citizen parents regardless of where they reside when A)  the American parent applies for Social Security Benefits, or B) the American parent becomes disabled or dies.

I agree that there may be no rush to get the child a passport, but registering the birth and obtaining a birth certificate for the child issued by the government of the non Indonesian parent straight away can most definitely be advisable.

Roy,  things are different for  us Brits as far as I am aware as there is nothing given to support or help in the terms of benefits.  However I will check that again today and see. 
What I reported is from what has happened to me and some feedback from other British expats.  I am very aware that the US government does look after its subjects overseas very well whereas the British not so.
The British government recently stopped a program where people travelling or living overseas could inform them where they were and therefore could leave emergency details as well, in order to save money.  In Jakarta they recently shut their consulate office and moved everything back to the embassy I suspect for the same reason.

And what with it being the 1950's still in the foreign office the embassy is open 4 hours a day except High days and holidays when you can ring them and leave a message.

However I do intend to register Jeremy in the bear future for peace of mind so that it is done.

So here we go

In order to register a birth overseas if you are British with the British Embassy you have to do the following:

1. Go here

and follow the steps

2. Print the off the word document and complete and take it to the British Embassy in Jakarta with the following supporting documents

You and the other parent must provide:

your child’s local birth certificate
your British birth certificates (long version) showing details of your parents
a naturalisation or registration certificate (if either of you were not born in the UK)
your current British passports
a copy of a passport or birth certificate (if one of you isn’t British)
a marriage certificate (if you’re married)
divorce documents (if either of you has ever been divorced)
a change of name document (if either of you has ever changed your name)

You’ll need to provide originals and a photocopy of each document.

Pay with cash or credit card for the registering of a birth which is 170 pounds and for a copy of a document which is 65 pounds. That works out to be just over 4 million rupiah.

Then check back in a week to confirm the birth has been registered and a copy of the British birth certificate has been issued.

The good news is that the embassy is now open to 4pm Monday to Thursday but it is half day closing on Friday (1.45pm).

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Thank you for sharing these helpful information. ;)



Expat-blog team.

“Pay with cash or credit card for the registering of a birth which is 170 pounds…”

WHAT!  A 170 pound baby!  What do you Brits feed your wives????:lol:

Just kidding.  But the first time I read that passage Luke, that’s kinda of what it read like.

Truly though, those fees are super expensive.  I can’t recall exactly how much it cost us to register our three sons at the US Consulate Agency office in Denpasar, but I’m certain it was well under $50.00.

Yes it does read wrong.  I will leave it like that.  Back to the old favourite that using commas saves lives ; lets eat grandma or lets eat, grandma.

I have just had a baby one month ago, I'm British and wife is indo, we are married in Indonesia and have marriage papers and prenup.

We have the birth cert from the hospital, and it has been signed by the local guy and given to the district office for sign off, we are concerned it's not come back and today is a month.

I also wanted to know if we must register him with British embassy if its a must now? and if so, would I need to get and apply for passport even we don't intend to fly to the UK anytime soon.

It should take around two weeks but it can be longer.
Pop back and ask, very politely, when they think it'll be ready.

When we registered our sons this year I think it took around 6 weeks, I’ve no idea why so long,
I think it’s just luck if quick
You can apply for the child’s passport no problem, not sure why you would want/ need to register with the British Embassay as your child is Indonesian, and British citizen by descent only (son can’t pass in British citizenship to his children)

From what I know when child is born to mix couple they get dual nationality, until the age of 18, at this stage they can decide which nationality to take.

I hope I’m right 😬


But that’s just the Indonesian side as they don’t recognise dual citizenship (it’s only recognised for the high end elite living/ working abroad) the uk recognises dual citizenship
They has been talk of changing this in the future as it is an unfair policy

Once the child has an Indonesian passport then there is a letter made available which states the fact the child is of dual nationality. The UK passport can be applied for and then some more immigration stuff then it's all done.

hi all!

just curious.. what if the birth is quick and you somehow don't make it to the hospital. How could you get the documentation that eventually gets you the official Indonesian birth certificate?


p.s i'll also open a new thread

Surely you would take the new born to a hospital for a check up? Not just go home and carry on...

This is also to assume that you have already registered the pregnancy with a hospital as in for scans and your own health and well being?

If you give birth in a blue bird taxi on the way to the hospital then I am sure the same hospital would provide the birth certificate.

Yes that would make sense if in an 'ambulance'.. but what if it happens at home before anyone is able to assist you?

The baby would of course be taken in asap.. but with no witness I assume the hospital couldn't prove that you were the parents?

Thanks for your reply!

Apart from the condition of the mother, blood type would be fair proof, a DNA test pretty much conclusive.

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