Do I need a consent form to leave the country alone with my son?

Hi all,

I've been married for 6 years and of course I already have my KITAS.

My son already has 2 passports, Indonesian and US.

I'm planning on leaving the country with my son without my spouse.  Do I need some sort of consent form?

I tried leaving with my son before but my spouse said that I needed a consent form because Immigration won't allow a single parent to take their child out of the country without the father's consent.

Is this true?

Hi Anna

Many years ago, my wife took our kids to Canada (from Hong Kong) without me and I recall there was an issue with the whole solo parent thing.  She was able to leave but there was definitely an issue created.

I would recommend getting a consent letter and id, signature and whatever else you can to make the process smoother.



Renewing passports

Immigration insisted on their mother writing consent letters.

Leaving the country

I saw a Singaporean man tying to get passports for his kids without the mother's knowledge.

His stated intention was to leave the country.

Upon refusal, he got nasty with the lady officer. The guy dealing with us was getting very edgy - I think he was about to step in to the game.

Leaving on US passports might make life easier

Also, the mother might well have an easier time than the father. One for immigration.

im not trying to renew my sons passport.. im trying to leave but dont want to get stopped at customs because im travelling alone with my baby..

Hi, I have travelled to UK with my young son twice without wife for Xmas. Never been asked anything except when entering UK the immigration guy sometimes makes a passing comment to my son, "Your Mum not coming with you?"

Also have taken him to Singapore no problem.

I think it might depend a little on which country you are travelling to but we've never been asked for any documents when leaving Indonesia.

I do usually carry copies of his birth certificate and our marriage book just in case.