Understanding Vietnamese girls

Sorry, OP, sharing Facebook and phone numbers does not amount to propositioning. And hanging out with someone new who might be a cool guy is the most normal development, without anyone seeing you as their future husband.

jazzy851 :

This could be interesting.. i'm tempted to get the pop corn out  :D

Only joking - on a serious note, it seems when you are in Vietnam, you seem to get attention. When you leave, the communication is less than expected.   :/

I know nothing about this girl and its wrong for me to judge her without knowing her.
Have you asked her what she does for a living ? you questioned the jewellery she wears as you suspect it may be from one of her foreign boyfriends? This could be the case, but on the other hand she may have a decent job that pays her well to buy such jewellery ? 

Hopefully others on this forum may be able to input and give you a better picture.   :whistle:

Hahaha.... I'm catching up.😎

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