Is there anyone free on Saturdays for coffee,for lunch/dinner

Hey Everyone new and not so new  :)

I am new in Riyadh and would like to meet like minded,easygoing people.I am free on Saturdays for coffee or a nice meal out.I also like sports.I wouldn't mind to be involved volunteering for a good cause..

Please Dm me if any of you would like to start a meet up.

Leila Elizabeth

Hi Leila,
Welcome abroad to your second home. Well, if I'm free I would love to meet you for lunch but unforgettably my schedule full with clients but I recommend you to go to the DQ area  there are so nice restaurants inside with nice atmosphere out side too. 
with regards

Hi Leila,

Welcome in Riyadh, I'm free on Saturdays in Riyadh, we can meet tomorrow for lunch.

Ghazi Alhmidy,

Hi Leila,
Good to see your post.Being new in Riyadh ,the work load is relatively less.We can catch up on weekends for a coffee.


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