How to bring your car to Colombia

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Subcomm brought his motorcycle to Colombia and registered it with La DIAN.  Two weeks later he had an accident and the moto was totaled.  He suffered minor injuries.

He didn't cancel the permit in the remaining four days of his trip before leaving Colombia.  Now he wants to come back and isn't clear whether La DIAN might flag him and deny him a moto permit.


That's all up to La DIAN.

Consider using an attorney who knows his way around a DIAN office.

Bring any documents and photos showing what happened to your moto.  If there are medical records indicating that canceling the permit was rightfully not a priority in the days after the accident, bring copies of them too.

Are you 100 percent certain you would want to risk life and limb once again in Colombia by riding a moto?


Not likely but you never know.

Colombia bureaucracy and récords are so random.

Bit if they did keep records could be a big Fine.

You werent charged with any traffic violations were you?

You can import a car that is considered a " classic" car in to Colombia permanently without import taxes, but it is a long drawn out process..

I have several friends that did it.

There is a "Classic car" event in  Medellín every year same time as the Flower Festival and the majority of cars in the parade are imported personally by the owners.

That is a good question. There is supposed to be a trade agreement with no tariffs on American made Harley Davidson, technically should be tariff free as well as a couple others. Unless there is a special tariff on motorcycles and cars, it should be tariff free, but probably isn't.


I am starting to plan my move to Colombia. Technically, I am a Colombian Expat as my father is Colombian and I have a Colombian passport as well as my American one.

From what I understand, Colombians are allowed a duty free container every 10 years. It even has a name I don't remember. Does anyone know, if you can put a car in that container with my other belongings under that provision? what would that circumstance look like?

I have a car that does not exist in Colombia and I would like to keep it. I am moving down for business and the company would bulletproof the car (level 3+) as well. Does that change the status of the vehicle as it is now a safety vehicle (does not apply to pico y placa) and has different rules than your standard vehicle rules?

I know that in business, I can register duty free under short supply, could that provision help me based on the fact that this car is not available in Colombia?

The car is not new (2018 with about 6.000 miles) but it was new when I got it.

There is a lot of companies willing to transport your car from Miami to Colombia, do they know something that this forum hasn't hit on?

Any information would be helpful, thank you!

Forgot to mention that it is an American Made car so should fall under tariff exempt due to free trade agreement.

Question:  There is a lot of companies willing to transport your car from Miami to Colombia, do they know something that this forum hasn't hit on?

What they know is, they can get paid well to transport a vehicle.  It is not up to them to determine whether the vehicle may legally be brought into Colombia, or to help you with all the trámites that may be required.  That's strictly up to you, and they will exact payment in any case.

You may bring in a private vehicle to Colombia, for up to 180 days for usage as a tourist.  If you are an accredited diplomat, you can bring in a vehicle for use in your official capacity (which may include personal use) while stationed in Colombia.  But can you bring your private vehicle (vehículo particular) for nacionalización, to register it and keep it in Colombia? 

The first paragraph here should answer your question, in short the answer is NO: … parte.html

DIAN does not consider a vehicle as part of your menaje de casa so that would rule out putting it into a container to include it with your other household goods: … estico.pdf

The Cancillería also makes it clear that no used car but only a new car of the current year or the next may be a candidate for importation: … s-colombia

You could also read this conversation on here, where about halfway down the page the poster JoseGiambruno explicitly states and also posts the entire text of the LEY 1565 DE 2012:

"... estan EXPLICITAMENTE EXCLUIDOS los carros particulares..."

There is no way that a private individual who is not a diplomat can import any motor vehicle into Colombia.  (Old classic cars are an exception.)

Even if you did bring it in, it would not have homologation for the Colombian market.

I highly doubt it, and if you are worried , and REALLY want to come here, get a lawyer to "grease the wheels"..with Migraciones (hint hint nudge nudge say no more)

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