Best months for air travel Colombia to U.S.?

I'm planning a trip to the U.S. any time between late August to mid September. Could be earlier or later if there is a significant price difference in air fare.

Any information is appreciated.

Easy to check fares for various dates and city-to-city routes at ...

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Thanks for the link. I was asking if there are "seasons" when air fare is lower? The cheap air website wants to know the travel dates. I don't have a set date or even a set month. Google Flights is perhaps a better option to check daily without being subject to a flood of ads. Google Flights shows you two useful graphics. Dates and Price.

Is not when to travel is when to buy your tickets.
If you buy during late June and early August is considered high season anywhere in the world from the US.  I recommend based on my experience to buy mid August to mid October.  Prices are lower due to kids going back to school in the US.  I use one travel com, also try to buy it at night time this is when prices are down and new prices are posted

Thank you for the tips on when to buy airline tickets.

Avoid October and November if you have a choice. Lots of delays on internal  due to  rainy weather

I had many vacations ruined or nearly ruined due to flying internally in Colombia in October and November

Complete your travels before October 1

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