Mistakes expats make in Bangladesh

Hello everyone,

Did you make any mistakes when you first moved to Bangladesh? What were they?

How did you address your mistakes? Did you learn anything from them?

With hindsight, what would you do differently?

Are there any tips you could give future expats in Bangladesh to help them avoid these kinds of mistakes?

We look forward to hearing from you!


Hey there,
One of mistakes people make while moving into bangladesh is they take people and the language very lightly.  It is recommended to learn the language and also the local one. Because people over here dont speak the standard bengali words very often, um talking abt mass people. Sounds unorthodox?  Well yea,  Bangladesh is kind of unorthodox.  Also remember to never get entangled with law and order watsover.  Um not gonna go into details but u dnt want messing with the system.  Never go in arguement with any student from public universities because students here have political powers.  If u find something wrong happening avoid talking with system peoples.  Also stay as close to the community you are coming into and try to maintain a protocol wherever you go.  Um not frightening but people over here can judge you and find you in minutes that you are new over here.  And many will take a chance of ur trust.  So until u knw all the loop holes and systems of the country try to be with someone who knows all the stuffs.  All countries have these issues.  Other than its a pretty good country to live.. Any more questions, im here to help...

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