Buying property in Bangladesh


can a foreigner buy property in Bangladesh?

If so, is it complicated? What is the process of purchasing a property in Bangladesh?

Any tips for buying property, such as a check-list of items to verify ?

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haha ! didnt u get any reply in 4years?? lolz
i think there no property available :)


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mdkhan shaheb, dhandabaji to valoi paren!!!!!

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Yes, it is possible for a foreigner to buy property in Bangladesh, but the problem is that you cannot sell it (legally).

I think this reply is coming in a little too late. I'm a new member to this blog. All I can say is yes there are methods of buying property in Bangladesh. [Moderated: No free ad on the forum.]
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There is no constitunal legal bar to buy property in Bangladesh by a foreigner. But in the property of RAJUK,  there is bar.