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About Bangladesh

One of the greenest countries in South Asia, Bangladesh is a space of winding rivers and mangrove forests ' a real find for those looking for a destination off the beaten track.

Bangladesh covers the total area of 147,570 square kilometres and has the population of 164,669,75 people. The country's capital and largest city is Dhaka, a metropolis with over 12 million residents. Other large cities are the commercial city and port of Chittagong, the trade city of Rangpur, the holy city of Sylhet, and the historical city of Mymensingh. The majority of the country's population are Bengalis, and Bengali is the official language.

The backbone of the country's economy is garment exports, which make up roughly 80% of all trade. A large part of the population is also employed in agriculture with rice being the most important product.

Bangladesh's number one attraction is the Sundarbans National Park, a large mangrove park home to the Royal Bengal tiger and other endangered species such as the estuarine crocodile and Ganges River dolphin.

Citizens of most countries require a visa to travel to Bangladesh. However, travellers of most nationalities (European, Australian, American, etc.) are eligible for a visa on arrival. If you must apply for a visa in advance, do so at the nearest Embassy or Consulate of Bangladesh.

Quick Information

Capital : Dhaka
Official Languages : Bengali , English
Currency : Taka
Area : 144000 Km2
Population : 156118464
Calling Code : +880
Timezone : Asia/Dhaka

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