How to make friends in Bangladesh

We have been talking about loneliness when you are abroad, let's now talk about how to make friends (locals and other expats) when you're living in Bangladesh :top:

Which are your best tips to meet people and to make friends in Bangladesh??

Thanks in advance for your participation

Bangladeshi people are so much friendly and hospitable.But you must be remember that there is good or bad people everywere in the world.So Bangladesh is not out of these.You must be careful in public place.U can intimate any job holder or student.Actually I mean who have specific identity.

I have heard that Bangladeshis are very friendly people.  But some people also advised that it may be difficult for Indians to work in Bangladesh.  How true is this....?

Yah Bangladeshi people is really so much friendly.But it is not true that Indian people could not work here.Bangladeshi people spent more time for gossiping with family,friends.collegues etc.

Hi everyone, i am settled in Bangladesh since 2 yrs now. Just found one thing that the social life is bit boring then the other countries. Rest the hospitlity, security is wonderful......

hi im settled in bangladesh 1 years only but i couldn't ajust at all expeciallay i was so active lady in my country and as Chtfdt said is very boaring i feel same so before any one come here to live here think 1000000000 times it's hard and boaring

hey lamissa, gud evening, hope u r doing fine. may i know if u r living alone in Dhaka? in that case u will feel lonely..but if u go to expat clubs and attend different functions in those star hotels...u may find it useful to get out of loneliness...wish u hav wobderful leisure time..take care..

yes it's kind of dry drink anywhere:(

uh! the stare factor here is you get that as well?...I'm trying to ignore just so I can avoid becoming a recluse...gonna try wearing a bag on my head!

would like to make friends though....x

The way you guys are discussing here, it looks like the thread is not about "How to make friends in Bangladesh" rather it is about "Worst things in Bangladesh"! :|

Regarding alcohol, yes it is obvious that you wont find alcohol and night life in Bangladesh as much as you find in other countries, because it is a Muslim  country, and i think you knew that before coming here :)

You can find alcohol in many places though, may be you already know where you can find alcohol. In case you don't know, i am copying someone's post: "it can be found in warehouses (the one near the Mohakhali flyover is called H Kabir Warehouse), the 4 or 5 star hotels (where it is ridiculously expensive), most of the clubs (British, American, German, International- all of which are located in the Gulshan and Baridhara areas) among a few licensed bars. The price is comparatively cheap in the warehouses and you can get spirits like whiskey, vodka,gin and beers like fosters, heineken, carlsberg...the common ones."

Regarding the original post about making friends in Bangladesh, if you want to make friendship with expats only(!), you can go to the clubs mentioned above. If you want to make friendship with locals, you dont have to go anywhere, just say hi to someone randomly and start talking..... Bangladeshi people will be more than happy to be friends with you. If someone doesn't want to talk to you, the only reason would be that s/he cant speak English.


ok brill! thanks Arunthia :cool:

i can help you practice yourfrench language. i am not an expert but i think what i know can be helpful. just inbox me and let`s see

A.21may wrote:


Hello may name is Andy, i like to travel to Bangladesh soon and i would like to meet someone, can be women, or man, just for friends.

Thank you.


Very true !!!! :(

B-on-the-Move wrote:

yes it's kind of dry drink anywhere:(


When are you coming over to Bangladesh ?


Hello Mark and welcome to!

Could you introduce yourself please?

Thank you.
Christine team

Hello All

How are you.Have every one enjoyed this forum.

Hello lampost111 -> An introduction maybe? ;)

Thank you,

I want friendship.

Hello mamun Abdullah -> Could you please introduce yourself? :)

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hello everyone :)

I m new . I m watching a documentary about bangladesh right now and I decided to sign up and found some friends over there that I can help.

Hello, i would like if you be my friend. I need help.

Hi! how are you?
Hi Juliet, I am fine and you????
Your name feels heart it one day in one of the Filipino meetings on December 2021 but not sure!

I am Francisco, Mexican Citizen and working here in Bangladesh since December 2020, working as Architect for the Elevated Expressway Project.

Hope we can be friends and know each other.
Tell me more about you.
What are you doing here?

Oupssss I am cooking Chicken Soup and let me check if is ready after my fasting for this Viernes Santo.
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@Feona Angel we can be friends. Sorry for my very late reply but I never received in my email a signal or a reminder that you left me a message here.

Sorry to hear that and you feeling lonely here but guess what? It's happen to me but as a foreigner.

So, hope we can be friends….
I have already here for 16 months living in Dhaka.

Hope I can receive a message from you soon.


Francisco Pérez Andrade
Architect Consultant
Hi there, due of the flag you must be from Mauritian Island; I am wrong?

Sorry for my very late reply but I never received in my email a signal or a reminder that you left me a message here.

So, hope we can be friends….
I have already here for 16 months living in Dhaka and I am Architect working for the Elevated Expressway Project.

Hope I can receive a message from you soon.


Architect Consultant


hi everyone , i am asha, i just want to make some friends here , 1f642.svg

hi hello I came here 1month ago my name Leon I like to go out for hiking for adventure and dining if you like you can join me with out fear thanks be safe

@lamissa  Hi, i wish i were there to show yu true colors of Bangladesh

@arprisa marchan hi there!

@Pranta im Selim hossain want make a friendship to u.

my whatsapp number is ***

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