Going to travel to Bangladesh, wanna find some new friends

Hi every one,
I'm from Vietnam,
I'm going to travel to Bangladesh for 2 weeks in this July.

Hi Yvonne!

Welcome to Expat.com!
Hope you will make some new contacts through the site soon.





I am SHORIF working in No# 1 Mobile operator in Bangladesh.
I will be glad if you be my guest here in Bangladesh.
I will try to do for your pleasure trip.

call me: 01711501345

and let me know your stay location and mail address so that I can contact you. And also let me know your email address.
mine is  shorifgp@rediffmail.com


Hi all,
There're some problems with my Bangladesh visa application. :(  I applied for the travel visa and the embrassy denied. I need to have an invitation letter from a Bangladesh company with a red stamp. I'm not sure whether I can keep my plan to visit Bangladesh :(
What a pity!
Anyway, thanks for your welcome :)
Best regards,


What kind of invitation (in which sector)has asked from you?
Let me know, I will manage it for you.

You are welcome in Bangaldesh. Rest of the thing i will manage.



Hope you get your visa on time and visit here. Im on travel visa also.

Best of luck.


Hi all,
Thanks so much for your kindness.
I am still trying with an agency. They will give my the result this Thursday. If my visa approved, I will leave in the next Monday. 
I don't know much about other countries policy but here in Vietnam, as a young girl, It's a bit hard for me to get the travel visa to some countries. 
Hope can meet you guys there.
Best regards,

Dear ,

I am waiting to meet you here in Dhaka.
Just call me:
Mobile No: +8801711501345


Hi all,
My visa have just been approved. I booked the flight on Thursday next week.
I would like to know how many Simcard providers in Bangladesh? How can I buy them?
Do you know any good hotel in Dhaka which has swimming pool with the price about $50 to $60 per day?

Thanks for your all kindness.
Have a wonderful day and hope to see you there.

Wow, great news! at last we can meet.
There are sim card provider in Bangladesh as follows: top down:

1 #Grameenphone ltd..a market leader (a Telenor group of Norway.....operate also in thailand as Dtak, malausia as Digi)
2 #Banglalink
4 #airtel
5 #City cel

Dont worry, I will manage a SIM for you as a Gift, is that ok?

And good hotel is raddisson Blu, ruposhi bangla, shonargaon hotel, but less cheap hotel is Hotal Lakeshore at Gulshan 2, Dhaka, it located in classified area of dhaka and has a roof top swimming pool. If you want I can book for you. just write your requirments to my email. visit your hotel and swiming pool: lakeshorehotel.com.bd/

How many days will you stay dhaka?

Note down my number: 01711501345
email me: shorifgp@rediffmail.com
Lake shore hotel weblink is

Hi Hope you enjoy your stay here. Best of luck. You know how to contact me


Hi Yvonne,

Welcome to Dhaka. Let me know if you need any help :)


Hi all,
Im at Dhaka now but I stay at the hotel mostly. Luckily, my hotel has a beautiful view that I can enjoy watching the city and people here. I'm going to move to another city and Im considering whether Khulna or Rajshahi is a better choice...
anyway, thanks for your concern...

both are good city.
if you go to khulna you can choose hotel royal. you can visit sundarban forest. my home town is jessore. u hv to go khulna through my home town. in khulna i have a friend who is asst. professor of khulna university at forestry dept.
in rajshahi dont miss the fresh fazly mango.
why not  you calling me?