Want to meet Chinese who lives in Bangladesh

I am from South China, will come to Dhaka in late August for a business research trip. Hope to meet some Chinese people there.

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Can you please write down a few words about yourself just as a proper introduction on the Forum and it is recommended when you it's your first post and also when seeking new friends :) ?

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I am running a small home decor factory in South China, thinking to set up a production line in Bangladesh and planning a trip to Dhaka some time in August. Want to meet the Chinese people that live in Bangladesh to exchange some idea.

I am Managing Director of a Home Building Limited Company in Dhaka. Iam planing a trip to Guangzhou & Shanghai late August/early September for business purpose. If you like we may meet to find if there are mutua businessl interest. Thanks. -  Amsa Amin

Hi friend, it's nice to get your email. My name is Hoi Lam, Would you please send email to ***, or *** for further communication? Thanks!

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you are welcome.
if you need any support, please do not hesitate to ask me.


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