Organize your move to Bangladesh

Hi all,

we invite you to share your experience about moving to Bangladesh.

Here is a list of questions which might help the ones preparing their move to Bangladesh:

What would you bring and what would you leave behind?

Is it a good idea to bring furniture or domestic appliances?

Any foodstuffs that are banned in Bangladesh?

Is it better to bring a car or to buy one once settled in Bangladesh?

Any advice for the ones who are moving to Bangladesh?

Thank you in advance for your participation :)

From my experience don't bring any thing .Just bring lot of $$$$ . BECAUSE you can buy everything here. If you bring something then you have to go through lot of corrupted people.

my suggestion, only you can buy cosmetic (like, good shampoo body wash) etc for you. here buying cosmetic is not good idea all copy.

with out this, everything quit good quality you can find here.

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