150k BHT / month Salary in Bangkok - Condo Budget

Hi all,

I'm hoping to get some feedback on higher end condo complex suggestions and also any experiences living in Bangkok on a 150k / month salary.

Some background.

I have recently been offered a promotion / transfer from my current job here in Australia to Bangkok. Salary is approx 150k / month after tax. 3-4 flights home per year. First 3 months rent free with a driver / translator. Medical insurance paid and all moving expenses paid. Bonus system in place on each completed year of employment while in Bangkok (approx 200k baht per year).

I realise it is a good deal if compared to other discussions on his forum as I will be getting paid my Aus salary. I notice most discussions are about how to get by on a 40- 80k budget so I can't find much talk on the 150k + salary budgets.

Now I do have a high standard of living so would want to be very central (siam / asok / Silom) area in a 1 or 2bdrm modern condo (min 60sqm). (I like the duplex ones you sometimes come across with the double level glass windows with lots of natural light The Loft has them in Sulumvit). From what I have seen maybe around the 40-55k per month mark ?

Also, I love eating Thai food, don't party too much but also enjoy a great night out once a week and the occasional fine dining.

Plan to do a lot of travel to Japan, HK, China etc.

Is there anyone else who has a similar budget and can recommend a nice condo complex in this area and any general experiences living on a 150k month salary.  ?



Hi mate I am on a 250 k bath month salary so not much I can help you for the 150 k salary

Business management wrote:

Hi mate I am on a 250 k bath month salary so not much I can help you for the 150 k salary

Wow really? How old are you?

Hi Depart01,

For your budget at THB50K - there are quite a lot of good options in the areas that you mentioned.

i would comment that your package is definitely expatriate level and you will have a comfortable life. You did not share if you have a family, as sometimes international schools can be quite expensive.

Good luck

Depending on your lifestyle that amount of money may go faster than you expect.  Setup costs and initial purchases can mount up quickly but that amount should be enough.  Personally I would suggest as a newcomer to get out and explore as much as you can.  Keep your fixed overhead on the low end and enjoy going out, traveling and staying in nice hotels.  Staying flexible and open to new experiences in the beginning will serve you well when you start making longer term decisions. 

My favorite area is more in the Rajadamri area with Rajprasong intersection being pretty much the center of my world for many years.  Then again I liked being able to walk to Central World or Paragon and take the skytrain anywhere else I wanted to go.  I still stay in hotels in that area when visiting from Chiang Rai.

and you ? Does it matters age ? why you can get yourself over the 40 k month range?