US Military orders to Bangkok housing allowance....

Hello.  My name is Lori.  Our family will be relocating to Bangkok in Feb 2014.  The military will be giving us apox $4100 for housing and about $1500+ for electric and food.  I'm wondering if this will be enough to find suitable accommodations for our family of three.  I'm still a bit confused regarding the exchange rate.  What housing should we look for for that amount?

Thanks much.


Check out this website for cost of living in Bangkok. 
Exchange rate, 29 baht = $1

You can find a great place in Bangkok for that money. First thing is to find out location of where your husbands work place is and start looking at accommodation nearby. Just look online for accommodation.

Thank you Stumpy.  He's going to be working at the American Embassy.  We are not at all familiar with any of the areas.  My hope is that our sponsor will steer us in the right direction for location.