36,000 THB is enough for living in Bangkok?

I get the offer of 36,000THB/monthly for call center, customer service. But it hasn't deducted the tax and Social Security Funds... i am not clear if this salary is enough to live single in Bangkok? How much income tax will be deducted?

Rental 4,500.00 - 9,000.00 per month, Meal 240.00 - 300.00 Baht per day [approx. 9,000.00 Baht per month, Transportation approx. 3,000.00 Baht per month, electric and water bill 1,800.00 Baht per month, Mobile and internet 600.00 Baht per month. Total expenses max approx. 18,900.00 - 23,400.00 Baht [saving 12,600.00 - 17,100.00 Baht] tax is min. for 36k salary. The issue is how you control your monthly expenses. Cheers

Thank you much for your advice :)

Cheers and take good care

I have a friend who is teaching English in Bangkok. He recently told me about his new apartment:

"I know there is great interest from some members here about housing and costs in Thailand. I just today moved into a new place on the clear other side of the city, 2 minute walk from Skytrain stop (BTS: Talat Phlu) and 5 minute walk to great Mall and street market and food. A bit out of the way but brand new building (still construction going on) and new large studio room with en suite bathroom for me. likely about 38 square meters in size (410 square feet)

The best part is a huge balcony (4th floor) that is almost a small patio. will add a small table and chairs and spend much time sipping cold drinks out there for sure. Anyway for those that have an interest, the cost is as follows:

$6500 baht per month ($186)
$ 400 baht per month WIFI service ($11.50)

You are responsible for water and electric but usually if you don't use AC a lot total about 1500 to 2000 baht /month ($43 to $57) .

You can add a fridge (about $150 at the local Big-C (Thailand's version of Walmart) and some cooking apparatus (about $100) and you have a fully functioning albeit spartan living accommodation close to the train. The train can get you into the center of BKK with all the bells and whistles for about a dollar and takes about 20 minutes door to door."

He also wrote this:
"If you want to live downtown near the tourist areas, $12000 baht per month buys you a dingy, old and dirty tiny 25 sq meter place. If you want to be close to a train stop there.....then more like $20,000 baht per month (about $575).

But my strategy is to be only 15 to 20 minutes away and get a much better deal for my $$$

BTW for those that like google maps:

My former apartment was on Ramkamhaeng Rd (Soi 27) which is in the northeast part of the city. I have now moved to Thon Buri in the southwest corner of the city, 400 meters from the Talat Phlu BTS station (Sky train). You should be able to pull up some Google street view stuff if interested."

My guess it would be closer to A million baht A year.To me living in Isaan
Area maybe doable.In Bangkok good luck.
Bangkok can be quite expensive.About all you can do is try it.I guarantee it won't be easy.

enough, welcome

I wouldn't live in Bangkok less than A million baht A year.But I travel fairly regularly.I'm not keen on thaifood so I eat internationally.I have heard of people living on 600,000 baht A year but they aren't having A quality life.

Don't mean to come across as being "testy", but your posts read as if you're riding a "farang horse", just a tad on the "highside" there, sir!

So, $20K (US) is not enough to maintain a basically comfortable, 12-month "farang safe" lifestyle in Bangkok, Thailand, according to you, eh?

Regarding "cost of living" comparatives, perhaps you should travel, thru-out the rest of SE Asia, a bit more extensively than you've (obviously not) done thus far. May I recommend the Philippines, for starters.

Guaranteed, you'll be more than Thrilled, upon returning to Bangkok again, especially after that particular sojourn. :cheers:

Unless you have difficulty with managing your money, then 36K-Baht/mo. is plenty, with extra money to save for those "rainy day" periods of your life. You'll do fine, in BKK. Good luck.

For one I don't live in Bangkok.Never would.Um if you don't like people's answers you don't need to try and put them down just go and move on.I got the 1 million baht A year from A Famous Bangkok Bloger that's
Been in Bangkok over 20 years.Like I said I wasn't trying to offend you just letting you know it's not cheap to
Live there.I mean for A Thai making 12000-15000 baht A month maybe.But to the average farang with A car
Airconditioning.Going out to dinner etc,etc,etc.
I'm going to quit this blog.I try to help and get put down by it.

Wow! Apparently, some folks, on this forum, are really "thin-skinned". My apology extended, but it was truly not my intention to either offend you, or to put you down, sir! I was actually intending to be jovial, and friendly, in my "imperfect" Brooklynese, New York sardonic manner of interactive communication. Obviously, that didn't fly well with you, Sigh!   

It's just that I've read so many posts, by so many "farangs", who have lived in Thailand for decades,  yet have never traveled to any other SE Asian country (except for their Cambodia, or Laos visa runs). And yet, those same expats seem to perpetually have some very "skewed" opinions about Thai culture; Thai cuisine (ranked as being among the world's most nutritious dietary platforms (chili pepper saturations, not-withstanding), etc.

It was for that very reason, I suggested your taking a "fact-finding" trip to The Philippines, for starters. That's all. It was my intended jovial, and "friendly" suggestion, on my knuckle-headed part. Oops! My mistake, not your's! Please, continue, on this blog, to your heart's content.

Anyway, thanks for your "the thumbs-up" approval reply, to my (our) Introductory post. Best wishes, and sorry for the misunderstanding, definitely on my part, OK? Peace :cheers:

It's easy to get the wrong impression when typing.$1,000 really isn't a lot of money for A farang lifestyle.For the average Thai maybe.Lived in Thailand UdonThani 71-72 then again the end of 73-74.Now you go to Isaan area the money goes A long way cause it's cheaper.Last week I had A filet Migon dinner at the Marriott,US steak house I believe it was around 2000 baht.My hotel was 2000 baht A night.I'm single with
Going to get A Massage and going to Koh Chang the 35000 baht probably disappeared in 10 days or so.

"$1,000 really isn't a lot of money for A farang lifestyle".

I agree, but I believe the OP_Jen-ly01 might be an ASEAN single kid, working a CSR job in Bangkok, and not a retired, ole western expat, like us.