Electricity Costs???


I'm looking at a rental of a condo in Bangkok at the moment and the landlord has said that the electricity costs will be 6 baht per kw/h. Now I haven't a clue what that means either in practical terms or what that would equate to in terms of a monthly cost?? Obviously I understand that it will depend on my usage but what is an average electricity bill - I do like my air conditioning at night :)!!
Also how do I tell how much I use so I'm getting charged the right amount?

I'm sorry to be a pest, I'm happy with everything else but this has me stumped! :)

Sincere thanks in advance for your help and advice

From my experience, using aircon -got two of them - , plus desktop PC -on all the time- plus big fridge and freezer, washing machine and others such normal lamps, microwave, water heater and such my electricity bills are round the 600 - 800 thb.

Now, if you plan to cook in an electric pan or fire-plates and or oven there is where your electricity bill will go up the roof.

I know there are plenty of stalls to choose from in the street, but sometimes you just want to cook something for yourself so if you keep it moderate and not everyday your bill might hit 1500 or around. Otherwise ( and that's how i found out) goes up to 4500 or more.

Thanks LuisF, I really appreciate you taking time to reply, that helps me a lot :)

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My pleasure mate.

One thing that will affect you electric usage will be type of compressor in air conditioner.  The rotary type compressor are the cheapest to run and usually quieter.  Depending on age of condo you might have a really old reciprocating type compressor and they will use more electricity.

You also need to look at sun orientation relative to condo you wish to rent.  If it faces west you will get the hot afternoon sun heating up the condo and will require more air con run time to cool.

My apartment looks east and I get very little morning sun thanks to tall trees but the opposite side of building gets the hot afternoon sun.  If tenants on west side of building remain past their lease they will generally ask to move to vacant place on east side.

I have a single air con for 40 sqm space that gets used off and on throughout the day and night. I bake and cook sometimes, PC and TV are on most of the day and my worse case bill is under 2k during hottest time of year.  I also pay 6 baht per unit.

Thats a very specific comment, very interesting straydog. :) Btw, how come i havent seen you in one of the meetings yet? :)

For me, i pay around 1200-1500 baht/month for my electricity. My desktop PC is on quite often, freezer, washing maching, microwave, aircon on during sleeping hours too. I live in a condo and i think the price is calculted higher for all the appartments in the building.

Depending on the type of apartments that you live in.  If you are not receiving the electricity bill direct from the Electrical Company then you are paying a surcharge via the apartment management company.  This may include water too.  So the cost of electricity can be higher since there is a surcharge by the apartment management company.