buying a heater in Brussels

Hello everyone!

I have just moved to Brussels, but my apartment is much colder than I like or am used to. Can anyone tell me where I could by a space heater? I would prefer a used one since I'll only need it for a couple of months, but I'm not sure where to look!!!

Check out the web site for used. Or for new Mediamart.

Your apartment doesn't have radiators? Either way, the best & simplest option is to just buy a small space heater, they start around €15, you can get a small/med size one between €15-30 that'll work fine. You don't need to waste energy (& money) heating the entire place, just plug it in somewhere near you to keep that area warm. You can find them at Saturn (I much prefer it to Media Markt), Media Markt, sometimes Lidl or Aldi have them on offer, Action may have one or two...

Thanks! My apartment has radiators, but the heat is central to the building and is only turned on in the early morning and evenings. If I'm home in the afternoon it's a little chilly :). Do you have any idea where in Brussels any of these stores might be?

I'm not in Brussels, sorry. But if you check the websites they will give locations. I'm sure the city center should have at least one Saturn and Media Markt somewhere near the middle of things, though...? Aldi, Lidl, and especially Action may be a little bit less central. But I'd suggest Saturn as your first stop, unless you look on Action and find there's actually one very close/easily accessible for you - if they have any there they're likely cheaper. But Saturn & Media Markt will for sure have several.

I am not sure where Lidl is, but know that MediaMarkt has a store in the city center, do not ask me for the name of the street, but google and you will find the address. Haven't been to Saturn yet or Action.

Saturn is the same deal as Media Markt, only they usually have slightly better prices, and better service. I much prefer them. Action is...sort of like a blend of Target/Walmart/KMart and the nicer dollar stores, lol, but obviously not so huge. It's cheap, and has a little of everything, and is a really good place to go if you do any sort of crafting or whatnot. They also have a decent selection of kitchen stuff [for cheap, like everything there], and just lots of useful random items.

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