Shopping malls for clothes

As I figured out during my 2 days of shopping experiance lol delhaize it's also a bit less expensive than for example carrefour.

And guys, what about shopping malls for clothes etc? Where do you usually go?

Hello Atene.

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Colruyt, Lidl and Aldi are the cheap supermarkets, certainly not Delhaize which is most expensive overall.

I buy all clothes in the UK or online.

Today I have visited Woluwe Shopping Center (Metro Rodebeek), not bad, with most of known brands.

Delhaize used to be the most expensive, not any more,

As regards fashion, WSC is ok but small. There are more brands in rue neuve (metro rogier), but still very limited. Much better options in Antwerp and even better in Lille, both towns can be reached in less than 1 hour by train, not far,  actually it can take longer to visit the atomium.

Hi Atene,

there are few shopping centers iN brussels. The biggest one is CITY 2 next to place Rogier, other wise Rue Neuve/Nieuwestraat like u said before Woluwe Shopping centre. In Anderlecht is also a shopping center and there are as well some gallerys where you can go shopping for clothes.

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