Shopping in Brussels

Hello dear members,

I guess this could be an interesting topic. I invite all members in Brussels (both locals & expats) to share their daily/weekly/monthly experience about shopping. You may also include some shopping tips/suggestions!

So can you please share with us:

>Where do you usually go for shopping?
(Shopping for basic products like Food, Vegetables, Meat)

>What are your favorite shopping malls/complex or boutique?
(Where you usually go to relax or to buy your clothing stuffs, shoes and other shopping related products!)

Awaiting for your contribution ;)

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______________________________________ Team

just found Metro station: Rogier, city2, is a good place to go. Shopping in the upstairs and buy the living stuff at supermarket in the ground floor, directly take metro home...

NEW LOOK my fave store in UK i get most my cloths there and there is about 3 in Belgium latest one in Brussels

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