Cost of Living in Sumy

good day ,
the cost of living in - sumy
can you help me for  information
and a map of sumy .
thanks frank

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In US cost for 2 dinners is around 60 to 70 dollars. And it sometimes will include a glass of wine or juice.I noticed one entry I think it was brisket on a menu that cost over 1200 grn or 240 US dollars. Granted you could find high priced cafes here but for normal dining this is 2 times the price in the United States and perhaps close to 3 times. We went bowling there and three of us did 2 sets each so it was 6 sets total. The cost was 195 grn or 40 dollars us. So if you take shoes off I would guess it was 5 dollars a set. Here it is a little more that half that. in Ukraine but their costs on these Items are much higher than in the US. Who is eating out there and doing these other activities and how are they able to do it.

nancy, what a hell is with your mathematic? 1200 uah is something 150usd, and 195 uah isnt like 40 )) Comparing to US food isnt expansive in Ukraine, but Goods, Electronic, Cars - yes they are expensive. And everything is too expensive according to ukrainian salaries.

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