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hi everyone,
we need your help to make a de3sion wheather or not to live in ukraine. we need to know about the cost of living,
transportation, wheather we can buy land, since my husband and i garden.
                                                               sharon and sam

Hi sharonromano,

I suggest you to read the following topics where you might get some more information;

Hope this can help, :)



Expat-blog team.

Hi Sharon and Sam,

I'm currently residing in Ukraine, constantly travelling between Kharkov and Zaporozhye and I think I could help you.

The cost of living here is lover than in Europe and much lover than in the US. As a foreigners you can also buy premices and land, however you should buy the prmice first, and then to buy the land around it. At least this is what Land Code says.

Just drop me a line if you need more information.


hi Kate,
thanks for the info! Is Ukrainian difficult to learn? How about Cryllic alphabet? Sam and I plan on spend a month
in the Ukraine (in the summer of 2017). If everything works out we'll retire in the Ukraine in 2020. I'm 58 and Sam
is 66. We got married in 2011. We both garden and we both recycle. I work as a cashier in Shelton, Ct USA
I'm of Ukrainian descent, my grandmother came from Galicia .
                                                                   talk to you soon, Sharon

Dear Sharon, nice to meet you.
Actually UA is not so expensive country but you have to take in mind that the level of life is lower than in EU or US. Currently the country is not so attractive for investments. We have high level of unemployment, bad transparency of business, bad healthy program, and as for me expensive apartments. As the example,  in Kiev 1 room flat (abt 50-60 sq.m) will cost you 60-90-120 kUSD. 2 rooms flat (60-90 sq.m) is 90-140 kUSD.

Sorry for asking but for it is the reason to move to UA not to Switzerland or to Poland?

Pls let me know if any.

Natalia from Kiev

Ilive in Lviv which if memory serves, was the capital of Galicia. I am from Los Angeles and I am married to a Ukraine woman. My work takes us all around Europe so due to ease of travel, I would recommend west Ukraine. Cost of living can be a tad higher, and on a residence, you will have to pay a foreigners tax. Similar to renter's tax like in the States, unfortunately with no write off ... ))). I also do a lot o f business with Poland which is roughly 40 miles away. I realize that Ukraine is going through some trying times, but you do not plan to retire until 2020, I'm sure you will see drastic changes for the better. I'm not sure where the young lady visited in Switzerland, but overall, the country is more expensive than the States. Oh yes, as for doctors and dentists in Ukraine, they are wonderful. In fact, many Western Europeans come here for dental work, especially the Italians. Their prices are about 1/4 of what we pay in the States. Do keep in mind that these are private ptactitoners and not State doctors and dentists. Frankly, I do not believe that we are even allowed to be treated by them. I also think you should learn to speak Ukrainian. It is a beautiful language and you will discover a new sense of pride in your heritage. By the way, most foreign travel agents see Lviv as the best kept secret in Europe.

thanks for your useful information. i probably  will check out Lviv.We went to Europe for our honeymoon. Budapest
is very beautiful, Bratislava also. Vienna is over priced, the same with Munich. We went to Salzburg, my husband
was more impressed than me. i thought Prague was nice, but we were there only a short time. We are planning
a fifth year anniversary in 2017 and plan on visiting Europe.
                                                                              Sharon and Sam

By the way Sharon, the name of the country is "Ukraine," not "the Ukraine." Many people get a bit testy on that one. It's like when we refer to ourselves as Americans and exclude the Canadians. Think about it ... )))


Ukrainian is easier than Russian in some ways, but still difficult - start now.

Buying land - use a lawyer.  For a simple garden plot, you can buy a house and garden there.  But get a lawyer you can trust.



As an update, I emailed you also.

Get on the plane and go.  If money is a problem now, then retirement will not make it easier - US Govt can require you to fill out paperwork in person.  So, a flight back from Ukraine to do that could break a tight budget.

Ukraine is less expensive than Europe, but if you thought Vienna was pricey, you may find Ukraine is not that much cheaper than the USA.

I find food in the grocery store to be about what I pay in the US, maybe 10% to 20% less if I am careful.  But, it is not half price - I live in San Antonio, Texas.  So, I am in a low cost area in the US.

Apartments can be very cheap in Ukraine - when you pay local prices.  As soon as some people meet an American, they think $$$$$.  It will be difficult to find people you can trust when you get off of the plane.

If you are thinking of Odessa, I can help a little.

Lviv?  I would ask SpdMon for some help.

Get over there sooner, rather than later.  Plan on $5,000 for two people per month minimum - I really think you should save tours for later .... they eat up quite a bit of budget when you are trying to decide on a permanent location.

If you take trains, take second class or first class.  Or take express bus between major cities.

Lviv is (was) beautiful, I didn't like it.  But, I was only there 2 days.  It was pricer than Odessa, because of the Italians.  Or, so said the Italian friend I met.


$5000 per month??? For WHAT? I went to Ukraine the first time in 2012 for three months totally alone stepping out of the airport knowing no one. I spent no more than $2500 not including air fare. It would have been less but I was buying souvenirs, paying translators,going on dates and taking trains and buses to different cities. You can easily find a flat for $500 a month or less. If you really look you can find for $300. Now I have a fiance and im going to get her in three weeks,so my trips are very low cost now. We like to stay in Lviv for a few days first because I fly in there. We rent a nice flat right in city center for $26 a night,then go 6 hours on train to where she lives. Im staying for two  months then we are heading to usa.


I spend less than that myself with an apartment and office.

But, my friend came over and spent about 4.5k in a month.

For two people, I gotta count 2 tickets.  In the summer, $2,500.  Hotels, taxis, translator, tour guide, not watching the money they spend, etc.

If you are not careful, Ukraine gets expensive.



I hope you have most of her paperwork started.

Not sure if you can get her paperwork from scratch in less than 2 months.  Maybe if she flies to Mexico/Canada and not to US?


Hi, Wayne,
it is true that you are saying about Odessa. I'd lived here before I emigrated to the US, and now I came back with my husband who didn't speak Russian at all. Despite this, he managed to rebuild our house that had been burned down to ashes, found everything he needed, etc. I am 62 and need four more years before retirement, so I am looking for a job back in the States or elsewhere. I would go back to Afghanistan where I worked with US military...Anyway, I wonder if you still need a translator as I am fluent in both languages, and I would like to meet you as you live in Odessa. Please e-mail me if interested: marinae1952[at]
I would like to meet other Americans if you know somebody who live in Odessa. I live in a beautiful area right near the beach...We also have summer rentals.BTW, did you get a permanent residence? I have trouble getting it with the system existing here...
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Hello Kathrin13

Hope you doing well , could you give me more information for accommodation for 1 month in Ukraine
and what is the steps for marriage papers ?
as i intend to marry an ukrainin girl

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